This is what you can do to help the situation in Turkey

All the resources necessary for you to be able to do your part, even from afar


Since late July, intense wildfires have been tearing through parts of  Turkey, with firefighters evacuating thousands of citizens in affected areas. At least eight people have passed away and 10 more have been hospitalised since the series of over 180 fires began. The devastating effects of the fires have been felt throughout Turkey, but you can do your part to assist from anywhere in the world. Here’s how to help Turkey from afar:

Lend your support by donating to charities

The Turkish Philanthropy Fund’s 2021 Wildfire Relief fund is a US-based organisation you can donate to in order to assist those in peril. The fundraiser has a goal of $250,000, all of which will go to hand-picked nonprofits providing food, water, and shelter to people and animals affected by the wildfires. You can find out more and donate here.

The World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF is another charitable organisation working towards providing aid in Turkey. You can donate to their emergency funds, which will be used to stop fires, care for injured wildlife, and develop adequate rescue and rehabilitation centres here.

The International Red Cross is another organisation that works to provide relief across Europe. While they do not have a Turkey-specific fundraiser, you can donate to the organisation as a whole here.

Donate to individual fundraisers

There are a number of individual fundraisers on sites such as GoFundMe set up to provide aid to those in Turkey. While these are unofficial fundraisers, they may be still helpful to donate to.

This GoFundMe fundraiser was started by a group of Turkish citizens living abroad, with donations being made through the Turkish AHBAP organisation.

Another individual fundraiser has been set up by the local Greek news agency the Greek Reporter to provide assistance in the nearby Evia Island. You can find out more and donate to this fundraiser here.

Always remember to verify the validity of individual fundraisers before donating.

Spread awareness by asking others to do the same

Another way in which you can support those affected by the wildfires in Turkey is by spreading awareness about the situation.

Work towards informing yourself and your friends about the wildfires, and let them know that there are ways to support Turkey from afar, such as through charitable donations.

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