Netflix dating show Sexy Beasts is ‘ridiculous’, ‘disturbing’ and ‘delightfully absurd’

It’s out today, prepare to be obsessed

Netflix has just released its brand new dating show, Sexy Beasts. From the moment the trailer was dropped and everyone lost their heads, we knew we were in for something out of the ordinary here. And by the looks of the early reviews, Sexy Beasts is as sublimely wild as we first expected.

The six episode series truly is a unique dating experience. Filming took place in the UK last year, and if you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s a bit like Love Is Blind meets Masked Singer. The aim is to focus on the personality of the person you are on a date with and not their looks – as they’re in a huge mask.

Sexy Beasts on Netflix: All about the new reality dating show and what early reviews say

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Sexy Beasts on Netflix is like The Masked Singer, except they all dress up and then date one another

The show follows single men and women and, using Hollywood-level prosthetics, they have their real looks completely hidden. They are transformed into all manner of animals and fantastical creatures before their romantic adventures begin. Each episode focuses on a different “picker” who is looking for love, based purely on personality.

They will date three potential love matches out in the real world – all in full prosthetic make up, with normal, none prosthetic-bearing members of the public just watching on. Once the dates have finished, the picker then decides who their “Sexy Beast” is and all the faces of those who dated will be revealed.

The Netflix synopsis reads: “Ready to say goodbye to superficial dating? SEXY BEASTS is the dating show that takes looks completely out of the equation using fantastical, cutting edge prosthetics to transform the daters – giving them a chance to find love purely based on personality!”

The cast includes a party-loving Panda in search of a husband, a butt-obsessed Beaver terrified he’ll make the wrong choice and a Rhino who has recently taken up Sex Kung Fu.

Sexy Beasts on Netflix: All about the new reality dating show and what early reviews say

via Netflix

People are calling it ‘disturbing’, ‘wild’ and ‘yummy TV garbage’

If you needed it confirmed to you any further, the reviews of it make Sexy Beasts sound like quite something. The Cut calls the series “delightfully absurd”, saying “this is the only way straight people should get to date”. The review goes on to call it “yummy TV garbage” and tbh, from that alone I am sold.

The New York Post adds that it is “wild”, whilst Wired describes the show as “ridiculous”. The Guardian just straight up calls the show “disturbing”, “fresh hell” and a “surrealist horror”. A different Guardian review calls the show “so screamingly awful, you’ll end up weeping into your sofa”, which in all honesty just makes me want to watch it more.

The people of Twitter have also had their say, with some quite unsurprisingly calling Sexy Beasts “dumb” and others saying it’s “weird” but “wild”.

Watch the trailer for Sexy Beasts on Netflix here:

I’m obsessed and I don’t care who knows it.

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