Say hello to Teddy: The ex-Abercrombie model and newest Love Island bombshell

He says he’s not afraid to stir things up in the villa 👀


Love Island right now is full of drama – bombshells Lucinda and Millie have been stirring things up, but now there’s a whole new bombshell ready to ruffle feathers in the villa: Introducing Teddy.

Ex-Abercrombie model Teddy says he’s not afraid to tread on people’s toes to get the girl he wants, and it looks like he could be everything the Love Island villa is waiting for.

Here’s everything we know about new Love Island bombshell, Teddy Soares:

teddy soares, love island, bombshell, 2021

Teddy on his Love Island 2021 promo shoot

New Love Island bombshell Teddy is 24 and from Manchester

26-year-old Teddy Soares and lives in Manchester. When asked why he signed up for Love Island, Teddy said: “I think I’m ready for love now. Law of attraction is probably what I believe in, so being in the villa is part of that thought process.

“I’m not getting any younger. I’ve always been the type of guy to be in long relationships. Never broken three years though. If I do find someone in the villa, I’m going to take it seriously.”

via Instagram @teddy_soares

He works as a financial consultant

Teddy is a Senior Financial Consultant at a finance firm in Manchester, where he’s worked for over four years. According to his LinkedIn, he’s previously worked in business and financial jobs since 2014.

But Teddy used to be an Abercrombie model

Teddy’s LinkedIn also says he worked as an Abercrombie and Fitch model for almost three years, from 2011-2014.

If he wasn’t already your dream man, how he describes himself might convince you. Teddy says he’s generous and considerate, and is a go-getter who’s always up for a dare.

teddy soares, love island, bombshell, 2021

Teddy on his Love Island 2021 promo shoot

He said: “I’m cuddly, caring and all my friends, when they have an issue, they call me and confide in me. I’m always that person to lean on. I think I’m going to add that element with the boys.”

Teddy isn’t afraid to stir things up in the Love Island villa

Despite saying he’ll be there to support the boys, Teddy says he wants to get to know all the girls. He said: “I’m not afraid to step on toes to get the girl I want.”

About the girls, he said: “They’re going to have to get used to me stirring a few pots and causing a bit of a ruckus. I do think hopefully, me walking into the villa the girls will have something to look at.”

via Instagram @teddy_soares

Teddy has 12.7k followers on Instagram

His Insta feed is mainly full of selfies, pics of Teddy out for drinks and in the gym. Before appearing on the show he had just over 5,000 followers, but this is obviously set to hugely increase whilst Teddy’s on Love Island – he’s already got over 12,700 followers. His handle is @teddy_soares.

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Featured image via Instagram @teddy_soares