Dominic Cummings’s family home is now a student house with a vibey basement

Cummings even helped to fix a burst pipe this year

Dominic Cummings’s Durham links are well-documented. Originally from the city, Boris’s former special adviser became embroiled in the infamous Barnard castle scandal last year, when he ended up accused of breaking the very Covid restrictions that he will have helped to implement.

Cummings is also the director of Klute- a Durham nightclub once dubbed the worst in Europe– where he used to work as a bouncer.

And during his time telling students, “not tonight mate” and “you’ve had too much,” Cummings lived in a quaint family house just a short walk from the centre of town. The very same home is now a £530-a-month student house with a vibey basement that smells of damp.


Dom’s defo thrown a shape or two down there

Joe has lived in the house for the past year and was initially told by the previous tenants that Dominic Cummings also used to live there. This rumour was confirmed one fateful evening, when a pipe burst in the basement.

“Our landlord, not knowing where the stopcock was, informed us that he might have to call his cousin who was, ‘a very busy man,'” Joe told The Tab.

Joe’s landlord proceeded to get Dominic Cummings on the phone who was able utilise his in-depth proficiency for handling leaks to locate the stopcock, and eventually fix the source of the problem.


Imagine a young Cummings lying awake at night thinking about taking back control of our fishing waters

Aside from temperamental pipework, the student house actually looks pretty nice.

The house boasts five massive bedrooms, a huge garden and a naughty little basement, perfect for a sound-proof house party.


Pretty good for a student house

But unfortunately for the tenants, the stopcock saga was only the first in a catalogue of complaints about the property.

“As the year went on a few cracks, quite literally, began to show,” Joe told The Tab. “Returning after Christmas I came back to find that part of the ceiling had collapsed in the kitchen, which was fairly sub-ideal.


The kitchen ceiling was later fixed

Reflecting on living in Dominic’s old house, Joe said: “It was a pretty great student house to live in and certainly a story to tell in the future.”

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