A glimpse inside the houses of the England Euro 2020 squad

I want Harry Kane’s bathtub

The Euros are in full swing and football fever is sweeping the country.  Everyone wants England to bring home the goods, but what’s more likely is that 11 German men will send the likes of Harry Kane and Jack Grealish home, probably around the semi-finals, with their tails firmly between their legs (I’m sorry but it’s true).

Luckily for the players, home isn’t that bad a place to be, as unsurprisingly, they’ve all got multi-million pound mansions. And all their houses pretty much look the same. They’re packed full of grey sofas, dangly lights and football shirts framed on walls.

Here’s a quick glimpse into the houses of the England Euro 2020 squad:

Harry Kane

England captain Harry Kane shares a mansion worth £17m with his wife Katie and their three children.

Obviously, it’s really nice inside but there seems to be a battle going on between some lovely lights and Harry’s framed football shirts.


Katie Kane in the house she shares with @harrykane

I mean, just look at the state of this amazing bathtub.

Harry’s also got a home gym that doubles up as an area for him to display all his shirts.

Raheem Sterling

Sterling’s house has got some very classy interiors. Here he is celebrating his daughter’s birthday.

Skip to 4:45 of this video (and ignore the fact KSI is involved) to see a bit more of Sterling’s kitchen.

Marcus Rashford

Here’s a sneak peak of Rash cooking in his kitchen as part of a video he made with Tom Kerridge.

After picking up a chicken breast (by the sounds of things, for the first time in his life) Rashford says: “Oh they’re dead gooey.”

I’ve got two issues with the next pic. Firstly, you can barely even tell that’s a tree with the amount of decorations that’s been put on it. Secondly, nice walls, but why are they smeared? I want to know what he’s tried to clear up.

Jack Grealish

If there’s anything we can learn from the insides of footballers’ houses, it’s that they bloody love a bit of grey. Here’s Aston Villa winger Jack Grealish celebrating his 25th birthday.

Not a fan of the gold cutlery, Jack.

Kyle Walker

Another footballer, another mostly grey interior. While those sofas look comfy af, I still don’t understand why footballers are obsessed with putting their old shirts on their walls. Can they not remember who they’ve played for?

10/10 mug, though. Very Wallace and Gromit.

The Man City right back has also got a decent gaming setup.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent’s not breaking away from the grey theme, with matching tracksuit and demonic looking dogs.

I tell you what, those candle sticks are class.

Declan Rice

Although Declan’s got shirts on his walls, one positive is that they aren’t his, but have clearly been previously worn by players he admires. Very classy, Dec.

Kalvin Phillips

This Leeds centre-mid and breakout star of the tournament has a personalised table tennis table. No idea why.

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