This is how old the cast of Netflix series Shadow and Bone are in real life

Mal is the youngest of them all


Netflix has promised that its next big hit show will be fantasy series Shadow and Bone and, if you’ve started it already, you can probably see why. Adapted from Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse series, it has all the ingredients of a show to become hooked on very quickly. So, you’re probably getting very interested in the cast list too, and want to know the ins and outs of their lives. Netflix notoriously casts actors with completely different ages to the characters they are meant to portray, so let’s start with how old all of the Shadow and Bone cast are.

The series follows Alina Starkov, who stumbles upon her impressive power of being able to summon light, which then flings her into a life she could never have imagined. She’s forced to leave behind her childhood best friend to learn about her powers in a lifestyle completely different to all she has known.

Alongside Alina, the cast is full of all types of different people, which is ultimately why you can’t help but love and hate some of them. Here are all the real life ages of the cast of Shadow and Bone on Netflix.

Jessie Mei Li – Alina Starkov

Age: 25

Shadow and Bone, Netflix, cast, ages, old, age, real life, Jessie Mei Li, Alina Starkov

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Jessie Mei Li plays lead and normal girl turned extraordinary Sun Summoner, Alina Starkov. In real life, Jessie was born on August 27th 1995 in Brighton, UK.

Archie Renaux – Malyen ‘Mal’ Oretsev

Age: 23

Shadow and Bone, Netflix, cast, ages, old, age, real life, Archie Renaux, Malyen 'Mal' Oretsev

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Archie is the youngest member of the cast, at 23-years-old in real life. This is his breakout role, and he plays Alina’s best friend Mal Oretsev, who probably now has your whole heart with how devoted to her he is.

Ben Barnes – General Kirigan

Age: 39

Shadow and Bone, Netflix, cast, ages, old, age, real life, Ben Barnes, General Kirigan

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Ben Barnes, who plays The Darkling General Kirigan, is the oldest member of the main Shadow and Bone cast. He was born on August 20th 1981, and you might recognise him from The Chronicles of Narnia or Westworld. His character can summon darkness, which makes him all the more mysterious yet charming.

Freddy Carter – Kaz Brekker

Age: 28

Freddy Carter, Kaz Brekker

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Out of all the Crows, Freddy Carter, who plays Kaz, is the eldest. He was born on January 27th 1993. The Crows is a bunch of criminals, and Kaz is a smart con artist and mastermind thief, known as Dirtyhands.

Amita Suman – Inej Ghafa

Age: 23

Shadow and Bone, Netflix, cast, ages, old, age, real life, Amita Suman, Inej Ghafa

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Amita Suman is the youngest girl in the Shadow and Bone cast, just four months older than co-star Archie Renaux. She was born on July 19th 1997 and plays Inej Ghafa, the Dregs’ spy and Kaz’s second in command, with enviable skills.

Kit Young – Jesper Fahey

Age: 26

Shadow and Bone, Netflix, cast, ages, old, age, real life, Kit Young, Jesper Fahey

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Kit Young plays Jesper Fahey in the series, who is Kaz’s slight liability right-hand man, with a bit of a wandering eye. In real life, the actor was born on October 24th 1994 in Oxford, UK.

Danielle Galligan – Nina Zenik

Age: 28

Danielle Galligan, Nina Zenik

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28-year-old Danielle Galligan plays Nina Zenik, a Grisha Heartrender, which quite literally means she can change people’s heart rates. In real life, the Irish actress was born on December 1st 1992, in Dublin.

Daisy Head – Genya Safin

Age: 30

Shadow and Bone, Netflix, cast, ages, old, age, real life, Daisy Head, Genya Safin

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Daisy Head plays tailor and healer Genya Safin, who is introduced in the series to help Alina to prepare to meet the King. In real life Daisy Head is 30-years-old, and you might recognise her from Harlots.

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