This is how much grad jobs in different industries are paying in 2021

Always fancied myself as an oil man, I can’t lie

Investment banking is still the most lucrative graduate career, with new starters able to expect a salary of £50,000, a new survey has shown.

A survey of the country’s top grad employers by HighFliers has revealed which industries pay their grad hires the most.

Grad salaries have been stagnant for over five years, the report also showed, with the average starting salary for grads not increasing since 2015.

Depressingly, accountancy is one of the lower industries in the rankings – truly a small price to sell one’s soul for. There’s also a gulf between investment banking and regular banking – although both will still leave you with more than enough money.

These are the top industries for highly-paid grad jobs:

1. Investment banking: £50,000

2. Law: £46,000

3. Consulting: £45,000

4. Oil & energy: £40,000

5. Retailing: £36,800

6. Banking & finance: £32,500

7. Media: £32,500

8. Consumer goods: £32,500

9. Technology: £32,000

10. Accounting & professional services: £30,600

11. Engineering & industrial: £28,000

12. Armed forces: £27,800

13. Public sector: £24,200

Median starting salaries, based on a HighFliers survey of the country’s top employers.

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