macaroni with the chicken strips

Where did the ‘macaroni with the chicken strips’ TikTok audio come from?

*lustful moan*

This week on TikTok we’ve been subject to a challenge in which men fall flat on their faces whilst women stay propped up, a science experiment where milk falls right off a spoon of cocoa, and now the macaroni with chicken strips TikTok audio to round off the week. For those who haven’t heard it, essentially it’s a kid saying “macaroni with the chicken strips” before letting out what can only be described as a joyous moan.

But where did the macaroni with chicken strips TikTok audio come from? Who is the kid who first made this TikTok audio? And why on earth has it got so viral?! Here’s everything we know about the macaroni with chicken strips TikTok audio.

@qtrosaaJokes 🧍🏻‍♀️♬ original sound – asjon🤩

Where did the macaroni with chicken strips TikTok audio come from?

You may or may not be surprised to learn that the “boy saying macaroni with the chicken strips” audio originated from… a boy filming his dinner, which happened to be macaroni with chicken strips.

In February of 2021, @synxiny uploaded the below video on TikTok. The account was removed along with the video shortly afterwards, but luckily it was reuploaded onto YouTube by another user for your viewing pleasure:

Besides from the obvious fact that this audio makes me feel extremely uncomfortable, these look like the deadest chicken strips ever but there you go.

Anyway, what followed was a frenzy of people uploading their own examples using the same bizarre TikTok audio and applying it to a load of different situations, from videos of teenagers falling of bikes to people letting out a sexual moan after describing their ideal man. Here are the best:

@eeesshBruh, how did I lose a 3v1 to a beanbag smh #fyp #comedy #failed #thatsenoughhashtags♬ original sound – fatpat

@bruhitz_kevinno cap😭😭 ##foryoupage♬ original sound – asjon🤩

@alpig321I once did a backflip in front of mark Zuckerberg♬ original sound – fatpat

@bropatrol😅😅 ##nurse ##funny ##itwasntme♬ original sound – asjon🤩

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