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Only women can do this TikTok challenge that makes men fall flat on their face

Grab a man NOW

Fantastic news – there is a brand new TikTok challenge, and it pretty much assures to make your chosen male victim fall flat on their face whilst you smugly remain unscathed. The TikTok centre of gravity challenge is often done with couples, and requires both participants kneeling on all fours. When they both remove their arms from the floor, what follows can only be described as miraculous – women stay up, whilst men thud their face straight into the ground.

This has got people a little confused to say the least, so how do you do the couple’s centre of gravity trick? And why do men fall more often than women when doing the TikTok centre of gravity challenge? Let’s take a deep dive into the latest face-busting craze on TikTok at the moment.

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How do I do the TikTok centre of gravity challenge?

It’s very simple. Kneel on all fours, with your pelvis aligned with your knees. Then quickly remove your arms, putting them behind your back. From this point, you’ll either stay up and manage to balance (which is what happens with most women), or you’ll completely smash your face on the floor.

It may be worth finding some carpet or a pillow to put beneath you if you’re attempting this, unless you’re feeling particularly relaxed about having a nosebleed or concussion today.

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I can confirm that I myself faceplanted HARD and got some nice carpet burn on my nose.

How does the TikTok centre of gravity challenge work?

It’s down to, as the name suggests, the natural centre of gravity difference between men and women. Men are lengthy creatures and tend to be built larger than women on average, and their proportions just don’t seem to allow this kind of manoeuvre when compared to the anatomy of women.

Whilst men falling is the case the majority of the time, there are also a number of individual factors such as core strength and length of limbs that come into play, so it’s still somewhat likely that some women will fall and some men will stay up.

This acts on a similar principle to the chair challenge, which took over the internet a couple of years ago. Jeremy Johnson, an American scientist, told The Sun that women have a centre of mass more aligned with their hips which makes challenges like these easier for them: “The centre of mass for most girls is lower to the hips, while the centre of mass in boys is much higher.”

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