From Blackberry to Nokia: These are the stocks that Reddit wants you to buy next

Money money money

You will have noticed that everyone and their dog is currently screaming about stocks, Wall Street and Elon Musk. Hell yeah, it’s exciting. Yeah, the majority of people don’t have a clue what’s going on despite the countless explainers on the matter. Yeah, I cannot wait to spend my entire life savings. However, although there’s a fair bit of uncertainty, there is one thing that we do know – and that’s that some people are going to potentially lose a lot of money, and some people are potentially going to gain a lot of money.

If you’re feeling a little deflated for thinking that you’ve missed an opportunity with Gamestop (maybe you haven’t – I don’t know by this point), you may be interested in some of the other stocks that Redditors are hyping at the moment. So, having scoured r/wallstreetbets, here are the Reddit hyped stocks that they’ve identified as worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Nokia (NOK)

nokia stock, reddit hyped stock

Similarly to Gamestop, people are identifying stocks that the big dogs are betting against – and Nokia seems to be just as easy a target. After all, how many people on this planet or walking around with a Nokia in their pocket? Because of this, Redditors have noticed that Nokia also presumably has hedge funds betting on its demise, and stocks are being driven up.

Your best bet is to keep your eyes and ears on r/wallstreetbets and take advice from people who (I think) know what they’re talking about.

Blackberry (BB)

blackberry stock reddit

The same as above. Phone company that nobody uses + sceptical hedge funds = people taking advantage of the system. As you can see, Blackberry has soared in 2021, and it’s all down to the current hyped stocks on Reddit.

BB stock ran was around seven dollars before leaping to $25 today.

AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC)

amc stock

Another stock that has grown hugely is AMC, that was valued at around two dollars at points in January before shooting to almost 20 dollars yesterday.

Palantir (PLTR)

palantir, pltr, stock

The value of Palantir stock has almost doubled in a matter of days, and although it saw a small dip yesterday, it’s looking to be on the up again.

Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY)

bed bath and beyond, bbby

Bed Bath and Beyond has been on the up, showing an impressive spike on the above graph from below $20 earlier in the month to over $50 dollars today. It’s the highest it’s been for three years.

Express (EXPR)

expr, stock, reddit hyped stock

And finally, we have Express which shows a similarly ridiculous spike. Before the spike, at the start of January, we were looking at less than a dollar – and now we’re at nearly 10 dollars.

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