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Introducing the alt girl: What is an alt girl and how can I tell if I am one?

There’s more to it than wearing a pair of chunky Doc Martens

We have seen so many TikTok personas, ranging from the VSCO girl to the E-boy, and now get ready for the rise of the alt girl. You’ve probably seen them all over your feed. It kind of takes you back to your emo phase, except that this is cooler and somehow more fashionable. So, should you consider becoming one?

First of all, what even is an alt girl?

The whole point of alt girls is that they are different from all these other aesthetics – they are quite literally, alternative. They are typically characterised as teenage girls who have dyed hair, wear thrifted clothes and listen to alternative music as defined in Urban Dictionary. They are often rebellious and have an I-don’t-care attitude. Going against the norms is a big part of the identity and alt girls often embrace the fact that they are anti-social.

An alternative style can be compared to a mix of punk, goth, indie, emo and even E-girl. These aesthetics were trending in the 2000s but they have been adjusted to the age of social media. You will see many boards on Pinterest with titles such as “Grunge alt girl” or “Soft alt girl”. These kind of styles also have a huge following on Instagram, with the hashtag #altgirl having over 3.3 million posts.

Okay but how do I look like an alt girl from TikTok?

It also helps that celebrities show off their alternative looks from time to time, bringing it back to style. Here is Maggie Lindemann, a singer-songwriter pulling off the ultimate alt girl look.

tiktok alt girl

Via Instagram @maggielindemann

So what is it about this that is ‘alternative’? It’s the heavy eyeliner, streak of red hair and chunky boots that give off a rebellious teen vibe, but at the same time screams “I’m different from other girls”.

And here’s alt girl Amanda Steele, a YouTuber and a model pulling off a classic black attire with a chain necklace:

alt girl tiktok

Via Instagram @amandasteele

The baggy ripped black top, black nails, and the unbothered facial expression contributes to the overall alt and quirky aesthetic of Amanda here.


Being an alt girl is not only a look, it’s a lifestyle

A typical alt girl will text in all lower case and refrain from using emojis as much as possible – instead, resorting to typing out happy and sad faces for the ~authenticity~.

tiktok alt girl

This text was probably sent at 3am, as it is a common trait for alt girls to stay up till late listening to music.

Popular songs listened to among alt girls include Lil Peep, Nirvana and Twenty One Pilots. Whilst “alternative” refers to genres of music that goes against the mainstream and commercial culture, they are often intertwined with popular culture to be a trend itself as it is with the case of alt fashion.

tiktok alt girl

Via Instagram @girgbe

We all know which four outfits the alt girls would pick…

And lastly, when she’s not on TikTok, an alt girl will be watching Pulp Fiction religiously.

Featured image via Instagram @maggielindemann

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