Who are the Made in Chelsea cast members that have never cheated?

Apparently, cheating isn’t a requirement to get on the show?

Now when we think of Made in Chelsea, we think messy breakups and big scandals (and a lot of money). We’ve all seen at least one of Made in Chelsea’s most iconic cheating storylines: Spencer and Louise, Alex and how many women?!, and of course, Sam and Zara.

This being said, a couple of MIC stars still have their integrity intact. Here are the members of the Made in Chelsea cast that have not cheated during their time on the show.

Oliver Proudlock

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The lost boys (Jamie, Proudlock and Frances Boulle) served one of Made in Chelsea’s most iconic cultural resets. The horrible, and frankly quite disturbing, portrait of the three of them hung proud in their joint apartment in the earlier seasons of the show. With this dynamic group of MIC’s heartthrobs all under one roof, the idea that anyone could be friends with Jamie Laing and not cheat looked unlikely- until Proudlock met now-finance Emma Louise Connolly.

Their relationship began in 2015 and took more of an off-screen presence, perhaps that’s why it hasn’t ended in scandal? Five years later the couple are more in love now than ever, with an emosh post on social media they celebrated what would have been their wedding day in true Chelsea style: expensive outfits, copious amounts of champagne and of course, a commemorative social media post- all from the comfort of their own home.

Melissa Tattam and Harry Baron

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As one of the quietest (but most savage) members of the MIC cast, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Melissa has remained faithful to long term partner, Harry Baron. The pair started dating in 2018 and have served as arguably the most loved up couples to grace our screens.

They have often been labelled as the boring couple, which, in the context of Made in Chelsea is probably still more complicated than any of our relationships. Their relationship is highly unproblematic, even if Harry Baron is always the centre of some sort of major controversy.

Sophie Habboo

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Habbs is not short of enemies in Chelsea (we all remember the that showdown with Sophie Hermann over brunch). Let’s face it, Habbs and Jamie’s relationship caused ripples within Chelsea and beyond and seemed like a disaster waiting to happen.

The couple surprised us all with their leaps out of the friend-zone and we thought Habbs had changed Jamie for good. Unfortunately, nothing in the world can stop Jamie Laing from finding someone to cheat with, and in 2019 he did exactly that. After some very public ups and downs, Habbs took Jamie back after the scandal and they’re still together now. Habbs remains loyal to Jamie and we’re really hoping Jamie has finally grown up (but we’re not holding our breath).

Ollie Locke

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Ollie Locke is one of our favourite cast members of all time. After coming to terms with his sexuality in season one, Ollie has remained loyal throughout all of his relationships within the show. Ollie and his husband are one of the strongest and least problematic couples on MIC.

Lucy “why is everyone getting up in my grill” Watson

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MIC’s Regina George.  Lucy provided countless drama until her departure from the show in 2016 (we miss her more and more every day). Although she had her fair share of enemies and loved the drama, she remained faithful throughout the show. Now she’s is engaged to James Dunmore – they’re a very cute, very attractive couple

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