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Here’s how you make the ‘Oh No’ TikTok videos you’re seeing all over the For You page

Now I just need to ask my friends to do something embarrassing

You’ve seen the Oh No TikTok song taking over your For You page: the fail video with a building drop, the dissonant piano giving way to the high pitched voice saying “Oh no oh no oh no no no no no”, the increasingly zoomed in screenshots of the video.

The trend has been everywhere the last couple of weeks. Over one million videos have been made using just one variation of the sound. Moreover, it’s become a staple of my inner monologue.

And yet, there aren’t really any decent tutorials of how you do it. So we made our own.

Where did the Oh No Oh No TikTok song come from?

As with a driving test, we need to do some theory before we let you do the practical. The Oh No TikTok song is not to be confused with the Marina Oh No! song that also blew up on the app.

It’s originally taken from a 2005 track of the same name by Capone. Get past the few early seconds and you’ve got a decent beat.

But there’s even more history to the squeaky intro of the song. The “whatever happened to the boy who said” voice is a sample from Remember, a 1964 song by the Shangri-Las. It’s actually a pretty nice song.

At about 50 seconds in, it even does a 1960s version of everybody’s favourite TikTok trend.

More recently, the beat was sampled by Kreepa, who put a banging verse over it.

So how do you do the Oh No TikTok trend?

So this isn’t exactly simple, but with our walkthrough you shouldn’t have any trouble.

First: get your video. Ideally it’s a fail video, with a clear moment where everything goes wrong. For an example, we’ll be using the moment in the Simpsons when Ralph Wiggum’s heart breaks in two. A classic.

Take a screenshot of the moment you want to capture. The moment it all goes wrong. Then zoom in on that, and take another, and then zoom in again and take another screenshot.

It’s also best if you add the Green Screen and Oh No sounds to your favourites.

oh no oh no oh no no no tiktok, oh no oh no tiktok song, oh no tiktok song

Now you’ve got your raw material, it’s time to edit.

Select the Green Screen effect and add your video and zoomed in screenshots, all at the same time – making sure they’re selected in the order you want to show.

Crop the starting video to end when you want the “Oh No” to kick in. Proceed.

oh no oh no oh no no no tiktok, oh no oh no tiktok song, oh no tiktok song

When you’re on the second editing screen, add the “Oh No” audio – it’s easiest if you’ve already got this saved to your favourites.

Use the trim tool to line up the point where the song starts going “Oh No” with the point in your video you took the screenshots from.

oh no oh no oh no no no tiktok, oh no oh no tiktok song, oh no tiktok song

This can be fiddly, but if you line it up right, and have cropped your video like an expert, your screenshots will start playing after this. If you were a real purist, you could add the rest of the vide (after the point you cropped it originally) after your screenshots, to let viewers see the grisly denouement. But we’re not. Here’s our example:

@gregbarradaleOh no demo♬ Capone – Oh No – 由user043998上传

As you can see, you may need some practice to get it completely right, but it works. The first rule of science, anyway, is that your results should be easily replicable. You’ve now completed the Oh No TikTok trend.

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