Just the 27 most thirsty memes about Harry Styles in the video for Golden

This is Harry’s world and we are all simply living in it

Since last night, the world has been united in one thing and one thing only – Harry Styles is a god and we truly are not worthy. He’s blessed us with the music video for Golden, and since then the internet has gone crazy (again) for Harry Styles memes.

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate yet another incredible Harry Styles music video aesthetic, how he pulled off every single outfit impeccably and a moment of silence for Harry Styles in a yellow fisherman’s hat, please.

Here are the best (and thirstiest) memes and reactions to the Golden music video by Harry Styles. Don’t try and contact me today, I’m watching this on loop.

1. Pretty much

2. This is a life I want tbh

3. Yeah, fair


5. Agreed

6. Can I stare at blue suit Harry all day????

7. My whole heart x

8. When someone finds this please let me know!!!!

9. In short:

10. Don’t try and contact me, I am BUSY

11. Yes, yes we can

12. How he rocked everything he wore is unbelievable

13. Until further notice x

14. True art !

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15. This is all

16. A lot better, js

17. Harry Styles is single handedly saving 2020

18. I think about him a bit x

19. And I’d let him !!!

20. Oh to be running away from life with Harry ://

21. Love

22. That’s the tweet

23. I’m obsessed

24. A huge vibe

25. Feels

26. I can continue x

27. Oops!!

Here’s a link to the video on YouTube in case you, I don’t know, want to watch it again? Maybe? You’re welcome.

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