Season two of Ratched on Netflix is already confirmed, here’s what to expect

Sarah Paulson has said there might be four seasons!!

The latest Netflix drama everyone is hooked on is Ratched. The creepy psychological series has gone straight to the top spot in the top 10 list, so it’s no surprise that Ratched has already been confirmed for a season two.

The show sees Sarah Paulson play evil Nurse Ratched, who goes to St Lucia Hospital, a mental institution, to work as a nurse. She uses her manipulative power to get to where she wants, and dark secrets about who she is and her past soon begin to unravel. Oh, and not to mention the many deaths in the show along the way.

No spoilers, but after *that* ending it’s no surprise the series is back for more. Here’s everything we know.

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Ratched was always going to get a season two, as that was part of the original deal with Netflix

If you’re already thinking about more episodes of Ratched, Netflix committed to two seasons of the show back in 2017, with 18 episodes in total – so we’ve got plenty of the dark drama to sink our teeth into. The first season was eight episodes long, which means we’ve still got a bumper 10 to go.

And that might not be all, as Sarah Paulson has revealed there could be around four seasons of the show. Speaking to The Metro, she said: “It had always been pitched to me that we would do it for about four years. And the final year would be Mildred in the era of Cuckoo’s Nest, but we wouldn’t see her in the hospital. It would be her and her life outside the hospital, but during that time.  It was very interesting to me because you know we have the end of the story in terms of who Mildred is out in the world in the mid 70s – but how did she become that person?”

Ratched, season two, 2, new, episodes, Netflix, Sarah Paulson, confirmed, about, plot

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Cynthia Nixon, who plays Gwendoline Briggs, also added that her character and Nurse Bucket were originally meant to be killed in the first season, and they’re not sure if they will be returning for more episodes. She said: “I have no idea [what’s in store]. Judy Davis (who plays Nurse Bucket) and I were talking about it in one of the very last days of shooting, some of the Mexico stuff, and I asked her if she would come back for season two. She said she didn’t know, and she asked me and I said I didn’t know because originally our characters were going to be killed off! So they only bothered to hire us for the first season!

“But Judy said, you know, if I would come back I would want to know what would happen because, if you think about Judy and Sarah’s character, they were really adversaries and now they’re allies, and so much of what I had to do was to try and win [Mildred] over and get her to love me. So if those three women have worked it out, what happens? Are we just going to be three, aged Charlie’s Angels fighting the bad guys?  It’s a mystery to me, and I wouldn’t put anything [past Ryan Murphy].”

Ok, but who else would be down for that?! 👀

The release date for season two of Ratched has not yet been confirmed, but season one is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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