Your uni could report you to the police if you are seen breaking the rule of six

Universities may have to ‘engage with local police’ if students do not conform

Your university could report you and your mates to the police if you are caught breaking the rule of six on campus.

Julia Buckingham, the Vice-Chancellor for Brunel University London and president of Universities UK, said that staff have to trust students but “if they aren’t conforming then obviously we have to take action”.

She said that universities must try to manage social distancing by using “existing disciplinary measures”, but they would also be “engaging with local police” to stop illegal behaviour.

The rule of six has turned an already scaled back Freshers’ Week for students on its head, with many students living in flats of over six people and trying to socialise outside.

The Vice-Chancellor said the option of contacting the police as a disciplinary measure “always has to be open” when dealing with students who break the rules.

A report from the Government’s Sceintific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) distributed earlier this month to universities said that “coordinated action” may be necessary in November “to prevent seeding and disseminated outbreaks in December”.

This news comes after a Nottingham Uni student was fined £10,000 for hosting a house party which quickly “got out of hand”.

The Vice-Chancellor said that universities are “preparing for any eventuality”, including having to switch their teaching to online overnight should a second lockdown be put in place.

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