Gather round boys and girls, it’s time to find out which Canada’s Drag Race queen you are

Who’s your sickening soul sister from the North?

This year saw a new series for the Drag Race family, Canada’s Drag Race. Whilst people were apprehensive about the lack of RuPaul and the addition of lots of maple leaves to the Werk Room, the triad of judges have certainly made some gagworthy decisions throughout the series.

The series is definitely different from the classic Drag Race we know and love, but the queens are still just as sickening. The series has come through with all the tea and all the shade the Drag Race lovers could ask for.

There are shady queens, look queens, pageant queens and ‘clown’ queens, but we all feel somewhat spiritually aligned with one in particular. So, in honour of Canadian Drag Race, this quiz is here to help you determine which queen from Canada’s Drag Race you are.

Watch Canada’s Drag Race on BBC iPlayer now. 

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