Rain On Me memes and reactions

Gaga and Ari released Rain On Me and the girls and gays are going wild

These memes and reactions will get you through yet another weekend in lockdown

Lady Gaga just got off the back of raising millions for COVID-19 relief, and now she’s teamed up with Ariana Grande to release Rain On Me, an undeniable banger that will get you through the rest of lockdown. Memes and reactions to rumours about Ari and Gaga’s new collab have been doing the rounds on Twitter for months, so now that it’s finally here it’s really no surprise that it’s sent everyone’s endorphins into overload and given the gays everything they want.

While we’re all sad that we won’t be able to hear this in our fave clubs and bars for a while, at least we can share this moment on Twitter where the memes about the song have been popping off. So, if you need a pick-me-up, indulge yourself in this collective, digital meltdown over one of the best songs of 2020 (and that’s on period!)

Here are our favourite memes about Rain On Me:

1. First of all, let’s put a bit of respect on Gaga and Ari’s names

2. The way Valentina set the trend

3. Is this a BTS shot of the video?

4. We don’t know a better woman to promo this song

5. Miss Dawn knows

6. Ru can we have a lip sync for your life to Rain On Me pls!

7. The resemblance is uncanny…

8. Rain On Me, literally

9. Coronavirus whom? We don’t know her.

10. Marriage Story but make the soundtrack Chromatica

11. Now this filter was a choice, Ariana…

12. Adding Rain On Me to the list of songs to request in G-A-Y on the first night back

13. This king can do no wrong

14. Ian Beale was Gaga’s inspiration for this song

15. Only REAL stans stayed up all night to hear it first

Rain On Me memes and reactions

16. Period, Tiffany!

17. Matty from The 1975 has TASTE

Rain On Me memes and reactions

18. Live footage of me from my bedroom

19. Feel free to tip xo

20. While this song is a bop, let’s not be getting ahead of ourselves…

21. Gaga and Ariana STAY on brand

22. Pfft, as if Ari would have to be bullied into doing that

23. Crying while we dance? Sounds like every Friday night

Rain On Me memes and reactions

24. Headphones: IN

25. Donatella said STAN Lady Gaga

26. Windows were shattered, wigs were snatched

27. This meme will really live forever, huh?

28. Sorry I can’t facetime you, I’m too busy vibing to Rain On Me

29. The best part is, we get a whole album full of songs like this in seven days

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