Sex Education might stop after three seasons, according to the creator

I will not cope if this is true

Laurie Nunn, the creator of Sex Education, has revealed the show may not go on past the third season saying she thinks teen shows should stop before university.

Is she insane? Uni is the perfect opportunity to dive into even more sex problems. Has she not heard of Fresh Meat?

Laurie said: “I always feel that teen shows should maybe stop before university. Otherwise, you get the point where people are 30-years-old and they’re playing teenagers.”

She does have point about their ages, but we need more Sex Education. We can definitely follow Otis, Maeve and Eric all conveniently ending up at the same uni and trying to navigate how to shag in the library.

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Thankfully she already has ideas about season three, so we won’t have to say goodbye too quickly: “I’m definitely already percolating ideas for season three and thinking about where I can take these characters next.”

The second series of Sex Education starts on Netflix on Friday and the trailer has teased new characters and Adam’s return from military school.

Laurie has said the storyline she’s most excited about is one involving Eric, Adam and the new character Rahim. She said:  “I’m attached to all of the characters. I sort of love them all equally but Adam and Eric and Rahim. That’s a lot of fun to watch for me. It’s the one that brings me the most joy.”

sex education stop season

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This definitely means they’re in a love triangle right?

Sex Education season two arrives on Netflix on Friday 17th January. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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