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Harry Styles and Stormzy sang Vossi Bop together last night so MERRY CHRISTMAS


Harry Styles brought out Stormzy at his secret show in London last night and it's the Christmas miracle of the decade.

The show, which was held in Electric Ballroom in Camden, was a surprise show to celebrate the release Harry's new album, Fine Line. What was more of a surprise, though, was Stormzy coming out on stage and performing Vossi Bop.

The two of them belting "Fuck the government and fuck Boris" to the crowd is really the perfect musical moment to end the decade on and no I'm not crying, you are.

Stormzy and Harry both released albums last week, with Fine Line and Heavy is the Head coming out last Friday.

The pair were very supportive of each other, with Stormzy telling the crowd: "This is my fucking brother. I wanna say this on record, this guy has made a fucking brilliant album. From my heart bro, you're not just a pop star – you're a brilliant artist." Think my heart might honestly burst.

This is the Christmas gift that no one knew they wanted. Now all I need is a Stormzy live lounge cover of What Makes You Beautiful and I can die happy.

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Featured image via @holylarents on Twitter