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Exclusive: TfL would make the ‘banned’ Victoria line Drag Race costume happen

Ball’s in your court, Vinegar Strokes

Transport for London have revealed that they never banned a Drag Race UK queen's London Underground costume.

Vinegar Strokes designed a Victoria line-themed costume for Drag Race UK's debut, but said it "never made the runway due to licensing".

The Tab checked it out, and can reveal that the London transport overlords weren't approached about the costume, but would be happy to make it happen – albeit for a fee.

On the first episode, Vinegar Strokes took to the runway in a sparkly top with a blue "River Thames" snake, much to the judges' disappointment.

Alan Carr savaged the costume, saying: “I just thought, with all the things in London, you go for the opening scene in EastEnders. You know what I mean?”

Afterwards, she shared her "Hometown Queen" costume, complete with a map of the famous sky blue Undergound, oyster cards, and tube carriages.

"RuPaul's Drag Race UK star reveals the outfit she was banned from wearing on the runway," wrote Digital Spy. And the tweet blew up, getting 16k justified likes.


A TfL spokesperson told The Tab: "We were not approached about using our branding for this runway look, but would have been more than happy to help make it happen.

"We're happy to have a conversation about this being used on Drag Race. There would be a charge for licensing our brand (which would be reinvested back into public transport) but we are happy to see how we could work together."

That seems promising, if not definitive. Sure, hometown week has been and gone, but we're holding out for a surprise trains week.

We also contacted the BBC, who said: "We aren't commenting on this tory", which is probably a typo rather than a burn.