Lucie tells Tommy she likes him AGAIN and wishes she’d coupled up with him

She says she can’t switch off her feelings

Step aside Michael and Amber, there's bigger drama about to unfold in the Love Island villa. In tonight's episode, Lucie confesses she has feelings for Tommy, again!!!!

Despite having just coupled up with new boy George, Lucie is clearly still having doubts. Before heading to Casa Amor, Lucie made her feelings for Tommy known. She told him she was willing to get to know him more romantically, but Tommy said he had found what he wanted with Molly-Mae.

However, it appeared she was moving on after returning to the main villa with new boy George. Tonight, Lucie asks Tommy for a chat again and explains she still has romantic feelings for him.

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Lucie is now coupled up with George

At the fire pit, she says: "I do want to get to know George but you can’t really change how you feel. I’ve known you for how many weeks now?"

Tommy says: "You can’t switch those things off." Then, Lucie says: "It’s still going to be there. I don’t want you to feel awkward and feel like you can’t talk to me." So she still has feelings for Tommy, and can't deny them basically.

Being the absolute treasure he is, Tommy takes it all sensitively and knows just want to say. He says: "Regardless of what has happened, I still want the friendship there. I don’t want to lose that."

Lucie then says: "I just feel stupid because at the start I don’t know why I didn’t choose you."

All of this pulling each other aside for chats hasn't gone unnoticed by Molly-Mae. Speaking with the other girls on the swing seat, Molly-Mae says: "Tommy and Lucie are having a chat over there. I think she does still really like him."

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Tommy and Molly-Mae

Jourdan says to Molly-Mae: "Is it a bad thing that she fancies him?"

Molly replies: "I don’t mind that she fancies him. I can’t get annoyed for someone fancying him. There are no rules about that but it’s how you go about it. Open up to me and be honest about it."

Then in the Beach Hut she says: "It’s very strange that I was sat with Lucie in Casa Amor and to find out she was sat there thinking about Tommy. It doesn’t worry me but obviously it bothers me."

Wow, it's all kicking off again!!!!

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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