A water bottle was left in a Game of Thrones finale scene!!

And now the whole series is RUINED

Game of Thrones ended last night, throwing out a few surprises. None were more shocking, though, than the sight of a plastic water bottle in Westeros.

Spoilers ahead! Why have you clicked this if you didn’t want spoilers? There’s a big one in the next line.

As the Lords of Westeros sit around and decide to make Bran their king, a water bottle can be seen poking out from behind Sam Tarly’s leg.

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Yep, just there, ruining the shot and maybe even the show’s legacy.

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With the budget for season eight standing at a very nice £69 million, fans expected more.

However, along with the Starbucks cup in episode four, it’s now apparent that some of the budget was spent – unforgivably – keeping the actors hydrated.

To make the continuity error more galling, someone might have even spotted another!

People are even Photoshopping more water bottles in, by the looks of it.

This wouldn’t have happened if the Night King won, just saying.

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