Here’s how to watch that entire Peter Marsh Come Dine with Me episode in its FULL GLORY

Did Jane deserve the money? Finally some answers

There is no TV meltdown more iconic than Peter Marsh on Come Dine with Me: The man who compared winner Jane to a reversing dump truck without any tyres on when he came last.

In his full outburst he said: “Enjoy the money I hope it makes you happy. Dear lord, what a sad little life, Jane. You ruined my night completely so you could have the money and I hope now you can spend it on lessons in grace and decorum. Because you have all the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on.”

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Until now, most people have only seen the short clip of Peter’s fall from grace which was taken from the end of the episode. But it’s never really been known whether Peter’s downfall was slow and steady, or completely out of the blue.

What did Jane do really? Like, was she actually a proper bitch? Did she really sabotage his night? Or was Peter’s Chicken wrapped in parma ham and triple chocolate pot dessert just not good enough? The nation needs answers and we have finally found them.

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The Peter Marsh episode first aired on Channel 4 on 4th January 2016, and is set in East Oxfordshire.

The description for the episode reads: “In East Oxfordshire, bubbly Charlotte hopes her “happy” themed menu will put a smile on her guests’ faces. But one guest doesn’t react too well when the scores are revealed…”

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The episode has since been mysteriously removed from the All 4 website. But you can watch the full thing right here:

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