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£8000 in cash, football tickets and flights: These are the universities giving away free stuff to new students

Kent Uni I’m coming for ya

With applications to university the lowest they have been in a decade, institutions are left fighting over the few that are left. It seems the only thing left is to bribe students with money, tickets and free flights.

Universities are offering whatever they can get their hands on to entice students. If you're super lucky, you could even get your hands on a £3,000 cash prize, which is obvs all gonna go on booze.

Unconditional offers are now universities' go-to with a massive increase of 49,000 offers since 2015. This ensures unis can snap up any spotted potential early.

So here are the best freebies for 2018 to lessen the burden of application stress.

Free flights home

EU students applying to Queen’s Belfast can receive free flights home if they receive AAB or higher. Get ABB however, and you never get to see your family again.

This could be you rolling on a free flight home

Accidentally setting your home to the South of France is recommended for free holidays all year round.

Complimentary gym membership

Maths and science students at Surrey who receive A*AA can get their hands on a free gym membership worth £235 for the year.

De Montfort University students are also encouraged to apply with this deal.

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wtf am I doing here?

Free money

Kent are offering a huge £8,000 to students with straight As. That's 2,285 pints.

Surrey's maths and science students strike lucky again, with a £2,000 cash prize for applying.

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Sussex, Cardiff, and Bradford university are also giving out £3,000 to their highest achieving students.

Prize draw for tickets to watch Leicester City

With free tickets to watch Leicester City play, De Montfort University are trying their hardest to get more applicants this year.

Tickets to a Leicester City game are typically around £50. After winning the Premier League in 2016, Leicester are set to play some quality teams. At this rate, you might as well go for the free football.

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Gifted Samsung Tablet

When registering as a student at the University of East London you get handed a free Samsung tablet. This is intended to aid your studies. However, tablets are also perfect for watching Netflix, catching up on Love Island and getting those tinder profiles on a nice big screen.