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OMG, you can get Ben & Jerry’s for £1.75 RIGHT NOW

Let’s just say we won’t be short of Chunky Monkey for the next month

We all have days where we coast along and watch the hours tick slowly by. If we are lacking motivation and don't have anything there to help us forget about that it's stormy in late May, then times can get really hard.

Today is not one of those days though, we've got all the motivation you're seeking.

Co-Op food stores are currently selling 500ml tubs of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream at the teeny price of £1.75. This is the cheapest the product has ever been priced at.

Heads up, if you use your NUS discount, you could sweeten this deal even further and get it for £1.58.

Usually, the very same product is priced at an extortionate £4.99, the price we willingly pay when we are feeling sorry for ourselves one evening and want to pig out.

The offer lasts until Friday 22nd June, however Co-Op says that the deal only runs 'while stocks last', so hurry up.