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Everything you go through as a uni student, as told by Kanye West tweets

I miss the old Kanye

Guys, Kanye is at it again.

Kanye West – professional Kanye West impersonator, rapper, and apparently a Trump supporter – is back in the spotlight again after returning to Twitter with a series of nonsensical tweets, including one that appears confirm his endorsement of everyone's favourite Impractical Jokers prank gone-too-far – Donald Trump.

But what if we take Kanye's tweets and apply them to uni life? That would make a fun article that I can write whilst I procrastinate and you can read and #relate to whilst you procrastinate, right?

When you're hammered and you start telling your mates how much you love them

"I love you, mate. Like, seriously. I know I'm drunk but I would say this if I was sober. I love you, mate"

When you've had one pint and you start getting a bit too political

"Mate, Jeremy Corbyn is bae"

When you get one retweet and two favourites on a tweet

*pins tweet to profile*

When that whole bottle of wine you drank at pres hits you

[Geordie Shore voice] "SHOTS"

When you haven't done any washing up for weeks and your housemates start getting angry at you in the group chat

"Not all of that is mine"

When your mates keep reminding you of stuff you did drunk

"Guys please, that wasn't me, that was drunk me"

When you've done no work all semester so you send your tutor an email one week before the deadline

"Sorry, who are you?"

When your tutor replies to your desperate email


Yes that's fine."

When your tutor slates your idea so you go to the Head of Department instead

"Next semester I'm going to go to everything…"

When you get your marks back from your tutor and it's less than you expected

"What do you mean I 'went off in a tangent'?"

When you're showing your mates your latest match on Tinder

"Mate, she's 45 miles away"

Looking back on your Snapchat story the morning after

"Wow, I can't believe I took 12 videos of lasers. What great content I provide for my Snapchat friends"

When you're two weeks into being a Fresher and you don't know how to cook/clean/stay healthy/be alive

"Mum, I shrunk my clothes"

When you're trying to think of an interesting fact about yourself

"I'm from Manchester. Well, it's more like Stockport, really"

When you've studied philosophy for one semester

Like Psychology students who love to tell you you're sexually frustrated for ripping labels off of bottles, philosophy students love to make out there comments about the nature of existence and life itself

When your jokes are shit but at least you make yourself laugh


When your landlord asks you when you're going to pay the rent you owe him

Shouldn't have spent all of your student loan so early, looking back

When the bank tell you you've reached your overdraft limit

Shouldn't have spent all of your student loan so early, looking back

When you finally get that assignment you've been stressing over and ignoring for weeks out of the way

Or, when you finally get that article about Kanye West's tweets out of the way

When you're in final year and you have no idea what you're going to do with your life

"I'm not ready to be an adult"