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What is the fittest boy’s name? We asked girls to rate them based on their experience

DM us if you’re called Felix or Harry

When swiping through Tinder or Bumble, there are a few obvious things which are important: how they look in pictures, their job or uni, and age. But there's one thing embedded into your psyche which actually determines whether you really want to sleep with the guy, and that's his name.

It doesn't matter what he looks like, if he's called Oscar, Felix, Harry or Charlie, you're already putting him up there as one of the hottest guys you know, and you don't even know him yet.

So we asked 14 girls from around the UK for their opinions on some of the most popular boy's names. Vote below so we can crown once and for all which name is the fittest.


"Remember when Jake from Hannah Montana accidentally said he loved Miley instead of his girlfriend on live TV? Yeah, that’s when your little tween heart realised that there’s always something about a boy called Jake." – Robyn

"Jake is hot but he knows he’s hot. It takes away from the general package because he also has the personality of a fence. When a guy is named Jake he is automatically destined to lead a life of fuckery." – Mared

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"He’s an absolute meat head and doesn’t understand women at all. Will just go straight for anal without asking." – Alice

"You always regret getting with Ryan but you keep going back for more." – Eulalie

“Does sports science and can chug six VK in under a minute.” – Lucy


“Boring, boring Paul. Poor Paul. He means well and he would be marriage material but you’re just not ready to sign your life away to a man this boring yet.” – Annabel

"I can’t think of a fit famous Paul and that’s a problem.” – Lucy


“Ewan always wears a fleece, he’s misunderstood and is heavily into literature.” – Diyora

“Lived on a farm before venturing to the city. Lives for Mr Brightside and 3 for £5 Jagerbombs.” – Lucy


“Chris has a short back and sides hair cut and shops exclusively in River Island. He’s just discovered Boohoo Man and is buying more from there than you.” – Alice


"I mean this doesn't need explaining really."- Diyora

"Take me now." – Alice


“Rob still likes You Me At Six and hasn’t given up his dream of becoming the next Tony Hawk pro-skater. He refuses to chuck away his checkerboard wristbands from his emo days (he’s hoping the trend will make a comeback).” – Lucy

“Rob Pattinson used to be fit, didn’t he?” – Robyn

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Aaron Samuels. – Robyn

“Aaron is that fit one you saw on Insta and did everything in your power to make him notice you. You eventually did and got what you wanted, but then he ghosts you. That’s Aaron.” – Diyora


“Luke’s a simple guy, he’s chilled and is always good company.” – Diyora

“Generally cute.” – Alice


“Every girl across the country fell in love with this name thanks to Freddie from School of Rock, or Freddie from Wild Child. Undoubtedly one of your first primary school crushes, you probably still watch both films now and say 'he’s soooo fit'. And so because of this, every Freddie you come across is beaut.” – Lucy

“Marry me.” – Grace V

"Blonde hair, windswept, blue eyes. He was the boy you always dreamt of marrying, well in primary school at least. Unfortunately, real life Freddie's do not live up to childhood expectations." – Grace W

"He’s really good at football and obviously this is something you don’t really think about, but somehow it makes him even fitter than you thought possible." – Roxy


"Faizan sounds like a manly-man with nice arms." – Alice


“I went on a blind date with a guy purely because he was called Jamie so knew he must be at least an 8/10.” – Lucy

"Jamie's are hot, but a Harry warned me that his personality was like a plank. Harry was right." – Grace W

"He loves house and disco nights and is always seen in a tropical shirt in the middle of the dance floor getting with the prettiest girl in the club. You can’t hate Jamie for this." – Jazmine

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“Name one Will you know who isn’t nice and handsome. You can’t. Will, William, Wills – so many nicknames, all of them fit to say.” – Lucy

“If you haven’t had your heart broken by a guy called Will you’re just a liar.” – Annabel


“If Dave is fit, it’s a complete anomaly and he’ll get a nickname like ‘Hot Dave’ so people believe they have a friend called Dave who’s actually fit.” – Annabel


“It would be easy to make a joke about them sounding like a Dad here, but in my experience, they’ve been hot. In a regional, nice guy way.” – Grace V

“I would insist they call themselves Michael, but even then I would think of Pam from Gavin & Stacey saying ‘Michael’.” – Alice

"Mike has a good, solid job, or is studying a good, solid degree like Law or Finance. He’s ready for a life of 5am starts at the office and wearing nice Saville Row suits. He’ll treat you to dinner and he’s also low-key into bondage. Sounds like the perfect guy, right? Pity he’s a raging Tory." – Mared


“He’s usually really laid back, very clever and you can tell he’s going to be really successful in life.” – Diyora


“Has the mental age of a 18-year-old, loves Wetherspoons pitchers and taking his top off and swinging it around his head on a night out.” – Lucy


“Very well dressed. Very calm. Very laid back sexy. Knows his music.” – Grace V

“Too cool for you.” – Alice

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"Tend to be tall, with brown hair and a smile which takes your breath away. Unfortunately, your dignity also flies away because this man will only do one thing: destroy all hopes for future love." – Lauren

"Ben’s are the ones you talk to on and off but always have a thing for. You forever hope to bump into him when you’re a few drinks down but inevitably he’s already found his female company for the night." – Grace W

"He’s the guy you’ll never forget from the pub. Tall, handsome and fucking funny, Ben knows most gals will flock at his feet but is way more interested in downing pints with the boys, fair play I guess." – Jazmine

“Even better as 'Benjamin'. Definitely good in bed.” – Lucy


"Posh name like Benedict? They’re either a savage goon who shoots ducks on the weekend, or a sports lad from a met uni who manages to entice the women with his good charms and witty banter. Do not be fooled though ladies, he’ll probably have two going at the same time and eventually break your heart." – Lauren

“Very, very unpredictable” – Roxy


“You had no chance with this one ever since you watched Noah build Allie’s perfect house on the Notebook. Noah’s are kinda rare but as soon as you’re introduced to one you’re already planning your wedding and naming your kids – just an all round fit name.” – Niamh

“So wholesome, I’m feeling pregnant already.” – Alice


"You’re guaranteed to meet a fit Liam at some point in your life, it’s just one of those inevitable facts like E = mc2 or something. At first it’s unexpected, but then you remember that Liam Hemsworth exists, and you wish he’d look at you the way he looks at Miley, and the pieces all fall into place." – Robyn

“Liam’s are a bit soft and wussy. They’ll prefer cats to dogs and always want to go to Nando’s and the cinema on the weekend. Boooring.” – Lucy

"You think he’s different because he’s a bit quieter than his mate Ben but in reality he is just a sneaky dog. He’ll take too long to reply to your messages but not long enough that you lose interest so you find yourself constantly wanting more than just a cyber relationship. It won’t happen, get out while you still can." – Grace W


"Alex is hot…but he thinks he's the shit, which he is, but still." – Robyn

“Usually a wannabe DJ with shit hair.” – Alice

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“He takes himself way too seriously so won’t be chilled and call himself Jamie. He definitely thinks he’s way better than you and has a shit load of girls on the go.” – Annabel

"Inevitable fuckboy. He’s from Surrey and his first car was an Audi A4. He holidays to Ibiza at least three times a year and says that’s where his ‘passion’ for DJ’ing stemmed from. He’s now behind the decks at every single techno event you attend and literally acts like he doesn’t know you despite the times he would Insta direct you at 3am begging to ‘spoon’." – Robyn


"Super wavy and cute." – Grace V

"Always handsome, has a lot of friend with girls which make them the most popular." – Diyora


“The only Leo I know was so sinister he got enjoyment out of trying to hack into people’s Facebook and fuck up their profile so…not fit.” – Lucy

“Too demanding, like their star sign says.” – Alice


“You probably fancied a boy called Dylan in school at some point and now for some reason every Dylan you meet you fancy.” – Niamh

“Dylan is the guy who got model scouted on Oxford Street when you still had braces.” – Roxy


"Zayn Malik, need I say more." – Jazmine

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"It’s such a common name that it’s inevitable there’s going to be a Jack out there who will shatter your heart into a million pieces." – Robyn

"Has serious commitment issues and will ruin your life. Definitely has four on the go at once." – Lauren


“You’ll meet Ali in the Peruvian mountains halfway up Machu Picchu. He’s been hanging out there for a year because the corporate world swallowed him up and spat him right out again, and he simply wasn’t ready for it. His hair is so shiny, you need to know his secret.” – Lucy

"You’ll find Ali at an indie night at your local pub, wearing a pretty green bomber jacket singing Oasis with sunglasses on despite it being 1am. He dominates the room with how loud and ridiculous he is, but you can’t help but fall in love with him." –Jazmine


“You know exactly what you’re getting with a Harry: super fun, caring, always up for a laugh and loveable. They’ll probably have a dog, a pic of them and their mum as their iPhone wallpaper and give you a lift to Maccies for a McFlurry when you really need it. They’re overall good guys.” – Lucy

"There are many types of Harry’s, they all have awesome personalities, usually assholes, but like…funny assholes. So it's okay. He's great." – Niamh

"Every Harry is hot. I always fancy guys named Harry. Harry is the guy you take home to meet your parents." – Mared


“Ed’s are essential to any group. In my experience, they’ve always been the funny one. They’ll probably be quite into their sport, knows a good white wine from a shit one, and will always be keen for a drink no matter how hungover.” – Lucy

"Probably quite fit and studies Engineering.” – Annabel


"Pure vibesy." – Alice


“Sam is your good time guy, but also your standard heartbreaker. You’ll regularly get together on a night out and hook up. But it’s nothing more than that. Sam’s are scared of commitment, because they know they can pull so regularly.” – Lucy

“Standardly fit, all rounder. Sometimes plays rugby and once worked at Hollister. Everyone will get with a Sam.” – Grace V

“Sam isn’t your standard fuckboy and likes to read, take walks and doesn’t ‘get’ social media. He’ll catch you like that and convince you he isn’t like other guys. And then he’ll disappear forever. Fuck you Sam.” – Mared

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“Long, blonde floppy hair, these guys encompass your 15-year-old crush. They used to wear head-to-toe Abercrombie & Fitch, go to Cornwall for a summer holiday to surf, and dream of being a Jack Wills Seasonnaire. He’s essentially still the same guy, just with less of a Justin Bieber mop haircut.” – Lucy

“Your mum will love him, so will your mates because he’s probably got with them too. He’ll go into a corporate role not because of brains, but because he’s a good at chirpsing” – Roxy


“Always have good hair, probably surf, probably holiday in Bali every summer. His Instagram is full of sunsets, festival pics and wholesome family dog walks. You’re actually quite jealous of Elliott’s life.” – Lucy

“He’s super edgy and also pretty rich so like the perfect combo? You shagged a couple of times and thought that he would be your boyfriend for ever and ever but he just wasn’t that into you.” – Alice


“Tom’s are always cool and chilled and the kind of boy that’s nice to his mum. They usually have darkish hair and make up cute pet names. However, Thomas not so much. Thomas conjures up images of really posh boys who think they’re too good for you.” – Niamh

“Boyfriend material, definitely.” – Alice

“Tom’s will always remember all the important dates, like anniversaries, birthdays and even your mum’s birthday.” – Roxy


“Oscar is a cute name that sometimes belongs to dogs and girls like dogs so there we go.” – Niamh

"So hot. He looked like the stereotypical hot Aussie guy even though he was British. And he travels a lot without that annoying hipster edge. He snowboards – so hot." – Grace W

“Fact: I have never met an ugly Oscar. Sounds like he reads poetry in the grass on a summer’s day. Always has impeccably floppy and sunkissed hair.” – Grace V

"Oscar is that festival guy. He’s the one always on k, generously giving it out, wearing a wavy outfit probably featuring a bucket hat. He probably went to Westminster and if he doesn’t go to Bristol, he’ll spend most weekends visiting his mates there." – Jazmine

“So fit it’s impossible to look at him without feeling like you’re in Year 7 again.” – Roxy


"Victor is a snake and a mummy’s boy. Don't go there. (Doctor Doom is called Victor don't forget that)" – Robyn

“He owns a mansion and is probably into BDSM.” – Alice


"Dark hair, posh fit. He went to Westminster and then UCL to study Economics.” – Roxy

“Lives in a Barbour jacket, never takes off his siggy ring.” – Diyora

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“Ever so slightly fitter than Hugh. More sophisticated but also more likely to be a bit more off the rails. He knows his festivals.” – Grace V

“Has an on-trend dog, like a French Bulldog or Sausage Dog and uses it as an accessory. Girls flock to him.” – Alice


“Little bit neggy cos he fancies you, but a nice guy overall. Very playful.” – Roxy


“Kieran’s are cheeky as fuck but you love it. They’re the flirtiest of all the boys but when they’re flirting with you you feel like his one and only. Pure danger.” – Niamh

Mohammed or Mo

"Mo is usually cheeky, clever and ambitions af. He’s the nicest guy you’ll meet and for that reason he gets loads of girls." – Diyora

“Always a good laugh.” – Alice


“Your mum will love him and your dad will want to be his best mate. A guaranteed family favourite.” – Lucy

“Just a lovely boy who won’t fuck you around. The kind of fit that makes you think, ‘let’s just get married right now’. Problem is he definitely always has a girlfriend.” – Annabel


"He spends most summers travelling around Portugal in his van, drinking red wine and generally living the dream. The greatest thing about Carlos is that he isn’t pretentious, he’s the best guy to chat to on a night out purely because he loves getting deep and seems at least half interested in what you’re saying. We need more of you." – Jazmine

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“Only buys clothes second hand and has definitely been interrailing twice.” – Alice


“Joe is just lovely but will always be a slight disappointment. You don’t mind people knowing that you’re shagging because he’s a bit fit in a nice boy way, but you wouldn’t hold his hand in public or anything.” – Annabel

“Joe is your friend’s friend who you spend an entire party trying to get his attention, but he spends the whole night surrounded by his best girl mates. He has a decent job and a away better life than you.” – Roxy

“Goes to Devon on the weekend.” – Lucy


“Shorten it to Seb and you’re onto a winner.” – Lucy


“George is parent-friendly, caring and pretty fit in a sporty way. I always approve if a friend brings a George home.” – Annabel

“Pretty annoying, generally stuck up. When they’re in the club they think they’re going to clean up all the girls.” – Kelly

“Horrible to girls, then do once nice thing and you’re in love.” – Roxy


“Probably a sad boy who watches football matches on his own and loves meal deals more than any girl.” – Lucy

“Probs cute.” – Roxy


“The Inbetweeners.” – Lucy

“The Inbetweeners.” – Annabel


"He’s the friend you’ve always not so secretly fancied. You end up getting with him on a night out but he prefers girls called Clemmie so you leave it there. Knows more Taylor Swift songs than you but manages to do it in an ironic way." – Roxy

“A bit nerdy, a bit quiet, not too fussed about his looks but has the jaw line and eyes to make up for it.” – Lucy


“He’ll wear baggy pastel coloured Ralph Lauren shirts and permanently look like a model in a sunglasses advert. He’s old money, has at least two houses, and probably drove a white Polo in school.” – Lucy

“In the top five hottest boys names, easy.” – Grace V

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“He’s the everyman, the Adidaddy, he’s always there and always has you coming back for more. You literally cannot resist the hilarious charm that Callum brings to the table.” – Annabel

“Drinks pale ale and talks about how shit Nescafe instant coffee is all the time you're together.” – Lucy


“Fuckboy.” – Lucy

“Models himself on TOWIE boys, so not good.” – Alice


“Falls into the obviously fit category. You hear his name and you think ‘yep, fit’, and you’re never disappointed. Good-ish in bed.” – Grace V

“Isn’t Max the most popular dog name?” – Lucy


“I think Ollie is your mate, Oli is the guy you fancy and Olly is like woah who even are you I’m just gonna stalk your holiday photos from five years ago on Facebook who’s that girl you’re with huh??” – Annabel

“Ollie/Oli/Olly are a catch. They’ve had their life sorted since they were 16: get the grades, go travelling, get into a Russell Group uni, spend the summer travelling, then get into the Big Four. Marriage material.” – Lucy


“He’s got curly blonde hair and looks exceptional in a fleece from Urban Outfitters. He reads English Lit or History at uni and wants to take you to the V&A to see this exhibition he read about on The Guardian. He’s like the main character in every coming-of-age film you’ve ever seen.” – Lucy

“Alfie is the unattainable fit guy, the older brother’s mate who you can’t even talk to because he’s just so cool and handsome. Hi Alfie :)” – Annabel


“His ideal weekend is Slug and Lettuce for 2 for £10 cocktails followed by Pryzm.” – Niamh

“He’ll never leave his hometown.” – Grace V

Contributions from: Diyora Shadijanova, Robyn Gunn, Lucy Woodham, Niamh Walton, Eulalie Tangka, Lauren Reeves, Grace Withers, Mared Parry, Roxy Alejandro, Annabel Murphy, Grace Vielma, Alice Rodgers, Kelly Woodward, Jazmine Sleman

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