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Final year student has laptop stolen in Pret, with entire dissertation due in two weeks

Her dissertation research was also in the laptop case


Graphic and Media Design final-year student, Saffron Sibthorp, lost her laptop in a Pret, which contained her entire final year dissertation in it.

Her backpack was taken and it had an Apple MacBook Pro inside and her dissertation research, which was also inside her laptop case.


A post shared by Saffron Sibthorp (@saffronsibthorp) on Aug 7, 2017 at 11:32am PDT

In a Twitter post, which has since been shared 9.8k times, she attached a screenshot of a Facebook post:

Saffron wrote: "I had my backpack stolen today from Pret in Oxford Street, containing my laptop with all my university work on and my final year dissertation which is due in two weeks time!

"Literally the worst thing that could happen, I'm really desperate for my laptop back, without it I could fail my degree with nothing to submit. Also had all of my research inside my laptop case.

"Know I'm probably wishing for the impossible but please if you hear anything or are offered a stolen Apple MacBook Pro, please let me know! I'm waiting for CCTV images from Pret, as the police can't do anything without any evidence, and I'll try and upload images of the suspect ASAP. Would really appreciate any help!

"Incident happened around 6pm today (29/01/18), at Pret A Manger, 298 Regent Street, W1B 3AP."

Saffron has since said that she has requested a deadline extension from her university, London College of Communication, but is waiting for it to be accepted.

She has been trying to find her laptop on Find My Mac, but hasn't been able to track it, unless it connects to Wifi.