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Revealed: These are the most-active unis on Bumble

Exeter are second probs because they’re bored af

What universities are forever scrolling through Bumble? Laying under their duvet desperately trying to find bae during the late night 9 -10pm swipe right slot?

Bumble have revealed their most active UK universities. Who is trying the hardest to find sticky-sweet love? Someone to winge to about how hungry/tired/cold you are because essentially that's what a relationship is, isn't it?

The most determined to find their true love is Bristol University. And it seems logical when you think this place is renowned for their love of the sesh. You just need a bae to bring you water when you wake up at 2:30pm with chronic dry mouth – the come down is much nicer when someone is spooning you bacon and sugary juice.

Image may contain: Night Life, Night Club, Club, Person, People, Human

Dedication to Bumble

Next in we have a university which is located in a town that is dry as shit – Exeter. The only thing on offer here is a big club called TP and a club strip which shuts down at 2am. Like, no wonder people are looking at their phones.

Then there are the usual suspects, universities that involve repulsive amounts of work. Places like UCL, Oxford, Cambridge and King's College where people don't have time for one night stands. They need someone who they can chat with in the library canteen whilst waiting for coffee.

Finally, places like Leeds, Birmingham and Nottingham obviously make the league, probably because it's a known fact everyone's fitter in the North.

See the full league below: