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Who is Rory Farquharson? The Rugby School head boy spotted kissing Malia Obama

‘I always saw potential in him, I was obsessed with him at school’

Yesterday Malia Obama was papped kissing a tall, dark haired boy at a varsity game in Harvard and the internet went crazy.

It has now been revealed in the Daily Mail that he is Rory Farquharson, who was head boy at prestigious boarding school, Rugby School in Warwickshire.

Rugby School is famed for being the home of Rugby Football, as well as being one of the best boarding schools in the country, coming after Eton and Harrow.

Luckily for you, we've been able to speak exclusively to some old Rugbeians who knew him well and some who lived with him in the same boarding house.

They told us that Rory was really popular and basically everyone fancied him, so it's not surprising that he's ended up at one of the best unis in the world snogging a former world leader's daughter, right?

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He was known to be very sporty, and was in the Rugby and Golf teams for the school. And on the academic front he was notoriously clever, which is to be expected if he got into Harvard, where the entry requirement is a GPA of 4.1 (which is the equivalent of getting a first at a UK uni).

He began studying at Harvard this year and announced it by uploading a photo on Facebook captioned, "So it begins".

He was a head boy at Rugby School, an impressive title which can only be obtained after rounds of interviews from the head master and previous heads of school which include questions like, "what's the worst thing you've done at school?"

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The back of School House, where Rory lived

He was in School House, pictured above, which is the oldest boarding house at Rugby School. We spoke to one housemate, one year above Rory who told The Tab: "Overall he was a pretty good guy. Everyone liked him, he was nice with everyone."

He added: "There really isn't anything bad to say about him!"

Another housemate, two years older said: "He was levée material from day one." A "levée" is a Rugby school term for a prefect, Rory was head boy of the school for the 2015/16 academic year.

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Rory, right

He was also very popular with the girls at school, even those older than him. He is known to have had a couple of girlfriends during his time at Rugby.

A girl who knew Rory well said: "I always saw potential in him", adding: "I used to be obsessed with him at school".

Another old Rugbeian said: "His parents must be proud. If my son got with Obama's daughter I'd be so proud. But I bet he didn't tell them 'FYI kissed a girl yesterday and she's famous'."

Malia and Rory both began studying at Harvard earlier this year and definitely look to be enjoying themselves. We are yet to find out how long they have been dating, or if he's due to meet the parents.