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The trials and tribulations of having a very needy housemate

“Where are you guys????”

Everyone has been the needy housemate at one point or another. Whether it was due to having our hearts broken or trying to cram for an exam, the dark times of locking ourselves in the house for weeks, knowing the only human interaction we could handle was with our housemates, can never be forgotten.

But can we please stop for a second and pour one out for the real heroes – the people who have to deal with this behaviour. Because in all honesty, the need housemate can be annoying af:

They're always in their dressing gown

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The second you walk through the door, they're there on top of the stairs in their worn-down dressing gown, rushing to greet you like an excited puppy. Never venturing outside, the sight of another human lights up their world, making them exude happiness and follow you around all day.

They'll demand every boring detail about your day as soon as you get home.

"So, how was your day?"

"Did anything happen at uni today?"

"What did you have for lunch today?"

"Did you get a seat in the library?"

The needy flatmate is the 20 Questions Game, personified.

They're always knocking at your door during inappropriate hours

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After a long, wintery day, you've got home and gone straight to your bedroom. With Netflix at the ready, you're warm and comfortably tucked in your bed. But literally the second after you press play, you hear that distinct knock and don't even have to guess who's behind the door.

After somehow managing to escape them by the stairs, they track you down and find you in your room, all to ask the same painful questions you've heard before. Politely telling them to fuck off didn't work because they're still there after 20 minutes, yapping away about their mundane day at home after they've asked you about yours.

They get extra clingy when you've got a visitor

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Whether your course mate has come round to get some notes or you bring someone back after a night out, the needy flatmate gets extra needy and clings on to you both for their dear life. They'll make a joke about asking you to adopt them, but you won't be laughing.

They get really stroppy if they're not included in something

I'm sorry, but there's just no way I'm bringing you to my course-mate's birthday dinner at Pizza Express.

They definitely watch you on Find My Friends

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Whoever invented Find My Friends was definitely the needy flatmate back in their student days. This latest technological innovation is perfect for your borderline stalker flatmates who track your every move, counting down the minutes before you insert the front door key in the lock.

They cry once a week

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Considering they barely leave the house, you're always surprised at how much drama is in their life. They're always walking around, practically begging for a cuddle. WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN PROBLEMS CLAUDIA.

Though when you have a problem, you won't feel guilty venting to them because tbh they owe it to you

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It's rare, but on the one-off occasion someone breaks your heart or really pisses you off at uni, they're the perfect person to talk at without feeling an ounce of guilt.

And they will love it, listening to every single word you say and never leaving your side. It's these moments you truly cherish your friendship.

But you know that despite them being irritating at times, they always have the best intentions

A balanced household can't be achieved without the needy flatmate. Yes they're annoying, but you also love them because of how kind and selfless they are. They might live their life precariously though yours, but you won't mind, because not too long ago, you were in their position.