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A fresher has set up a Go Fund Me so he can get back on the sesh

He had 17p in his bank account

A fresher set up a Go Fund Me page so he can help his friend on a "pilgrimage to seshlehem". After spending the remainder of his student loan on pints and a shooting trip to St Andrews, Hugh Fergusson of the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, had nothing but 17p in his bank account.

Hamish, who knows Hugh from halls and Rugby, made the Go Fund Me page in order to raise £250 to get him back on the sesh.

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Seems reasonable

When we spoke to Hamish about what Hugh spent his money on, he told us: "He had a lot of pints. He also went shooting in St Andrews last week".

Hamish claims the £250 would mean a lot to Hugh: "This money would bring true happiness. We will do whatever people request, perhaps we could have one big sesh. We have only known Hugh for a couple of weeks but you kind of wonder how you ever went on the sesh without him".

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This is one of Hugh's most recent profile pictures

Many donators have given generously, leaving Hugh with a preliminary total of £50. Some benefactors such as Barnie Talbot-Ponsonby and Sammy Brailsford have gifted sums of up to £10.

Hamish said: "I have never seen a man so happy as when people started donating last night. Hugh was like a proud parent. It would be good to try to have a sesh with the donators or take him on a tour of the UK. I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone for making it happen. I can't believe its been received so well" Hamish explained.

When we tried to speak to Hugh, Hamish warned us: "You won't get much sense out of him, he's drinking cans of Carling."

When asked how Hugh was able to purchase alcohol for under 17p, Hamish explained: "He made it out last night because people spotted him, we have been funding his exploits for a while now."

Nevertheless Hamish passed over the phone, "last night I had a great night, I am still pissed. In fact, I am feeling bloody brilliant, this is the first time I have been pissed in the morning."

Then the phone cut out, "I'm sorry about that, Hugh has just passed out, he is lying face down on his bed" Hamish notifies me.

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Hugh passed out this morning

When asked what the sesh would include, Hamish said "Not remembering anything from the night before" and from somewhere at the other end of the phone, Hugh explained the musical vibe, "think Murder on the Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis Bextor".