You can now find out who’s ignored your Facebook friend requests

You’d probably forgotten that Dave in the year above hadn’t accepted

Sending a friend request on Facebook has always been nerve racking, no one likes being rejected. If there's no response within just minutes of sending a request, there's no denying that most of us begin to fill with paranoia, fearing the ultimate humiliation of rejection.

Do any of us ever stop to think whether we've been outright rejected or just ignored? And when it comes down to it, is it worse to be left on pending than simply refused? Either way, here's how you can find out who has left you hanging…

Here's how to do it on your computer:

Simply follow this link.

It'll take you to this screen – the hub of your humiliation.

Here's how to do it on your phone:

Tap the profile button in the bottom right corner. From the menu select friends, situated underneath the 'explore' heading.

Next, find the 'outgoing' button on the far right of the top of the page.

Once selected you'll be able to see who's pied you off all these years.

Prepare to come face to face with a long list of people you've never spoken to on our pending list, most of whom you probably tried to add in year seven in attempt to get as many Facebook friends as possible. It's also quite likely that most of the people on the list have made new Facebook profiles since 2012.

Just try to escape without a battered ego after viewing the list and realising that people you thought liked you have ignored your attempt of an online friendship all these years.