Revealed: The universities with the most students suffering from depression

At least one in three students have it, according to a Tab investigation


As part of our ongoing investigation into mental health at university, we’ve found over half of students are suffering from depression or anxiety. It’s now emerged that at some universities over 40 per cent of young people have depression. At almost every university, our survey of 9,000 found one in three students have a depression problem.

At UWE – the same university who came top for drug taking – 42 per cent of students said they suffered from depression. As much as tabloids might like to, we can’t read into the link between depression and drugs. Bath, who scored lowly for drug taking in our survey, have 41 per cent of students with depression. They were followed by UEA, Kent and St Andrews with 40 per cent. St Andrews also scored highly for anxiety, with 44 per cent.

Oxford Brookes had the lowest score with just 30 per cent. Aberdeen and UCL both had 33 per cent.

If you are struggling with a mental health issue, contact your university’s counselling service or call Mind on 0300 123 3393.