Clubbers of the week, clubbers of the week, wherefore art thou clubbers of the week?

What light from yonder clubber breaks

Sarah has three clubbers and Joseph has four. Joseph loses one clubber, and Noor arrives with five. Sarah’s get an uber to the club and all of them buy two VKs each. How many VKs are there?

Don’t you love it when you all got the same haircut before a night out

Toni, Guy and the rest of the ol’ gang

Sarah I don’t care if the lights are up I am not going home

I heard it rains down in Africa

Pray tell how long your Red Stripe has been empty?

Why won’t you just put it down

When your mate won’t pose so you get your own back by snotting in her drink

And I’ve got hayfever

Mum can you come pick me up

My anatidaephobia has kicked in

Congratulations boys, you found the floating head of Oxford

‘Boys if we’re going to pose we need to co-ordinate it better next time’

Was it chin grab or magnificent seven?

When you’re trying to finish your dissertation but your mates just want to drink VKs

You said you’d go for pres and look how that turned out

Best reaction to staring into the abyss

When I die I want to look fabulous

When the old boys do their best The Wanted impression

Nothing says student night like tweed and a turtle neck

OMG I love your tiara where’s it from

Someone kissed a frog

Answer: There are 22 VKS.