Of all the things to get angry at in this world, literally why would you get angry at people who Instagram their food?

If it looks good take a pic you paid for it

I dunno about you, but when I go to a restaurant to eat some nice food which I paid for with my own hard earned money, the last thing I would expect to happen is to end up on Lad Bible with millions of idiots taking the piss out of me. But that’s what happened to Beverley Devakishen this week.

She was out with a friend, minding her own business in a Jamie’s Italian and taking pictures of her food for an article that she was writing. She was completely oblivious to the fact that someone was filming those efforts and that the video would go viral on Snapchat before being picked up by LAD Bible, pond-scum banter-squadron of the internet. You might remember them because they were relevant for a very brief period circa 2008.

As you would expect – it’s LAD Bible after all – the people who commented underneath were apoplectic with village-idiot style rage. “WTF has this world become??? This is the most stupid thing i have seen in a long time!!! Pathetic” wrote one man (9,000+ likes on that work of genius). “This is narcasitic [sic] personality disorder, only a slap in the face can cure this”, said one angry bloke called Andy. It was a whole big thing.

In this world of fake news and literal Nazis invading Twitter, Instagramming your food is probably one of the most inoffensive things on social media right now. And it’s also, if you look it that way, pretty helpful. In a normal, non-angry, person with positive mental attitude, a conversation about Instagramming in a restaurant might look something like this: “Oh, where is that nice restaurant you’ve gone to? The food looks great. Thanks for letting me know in the comments that it’s as delicious as it looks. The chefs must have put a lot of effort into the preparation and arrangement, and I’d also like to appreciate that myself.  Glad you had a lovely evening!”

But normal people don’t like the LAD Bible to be fair.

Scanning through the comments it really sinks in how incredibly bizarre it is as a thing to get this angry about. There are a lot of awful things in this world we live in. Donald Trump is President. Robbie Williams won a BRIT Award last night. Crocs might be back. Those things are all clearly universally more annoying than Instagramming food. And they’re harder to ignore. If you’re the kind of person who does get irked by just really nice, yummy, well-taken, aesthetically pleasing pictures of nice food, then here is a concept for you: just don’t look???

Unfollow, don’t double tap, avert your eyes and concentrate on your own food. Accept that while it might be a mild pet peeve, it’s not, surprising I know, a crime against humanity. Get on with your lives.