I asked the most successful woman on Tinder why no-one is matching me

‘No sunglasses, no group pictures, no photos with girls’


Jazz Egger has more Tinder matches than you. Don’t be annoyed – Jazz Egger has more Tinder matches than anyone. In fact, Jazz Egger reckons she might be the most matched person on Tinder, ever.

The Austria-born, London-based model has attracted the attention of almost five and a half thousand potential suitors on the app – telling FEMAIL she thinks she might have “reached a world record.”

She’s even had to add a message to her profile saying she can only reply to “super interesting” messages, because of the volumes of people who message her. And you can’t even get a text back!

Luckily, we managed to get hold of Jazz in order to ask her the burning questions you’d want to put to the Queen of Tinder: namely, “Why is no-one matching me?” and “Am I going to die alone?”

Get that “edit profile” button ready – here’s what she had to say.

Hi Jazz – you’re pretty great at Tinder. What’s the best opening line you’ve ever been sent? 

I’ve heard them all and let me tell you, the best way to start a conversation is to talk about details from their profile.

One opener which nearly always works is to ask about the background stories of their Tinder pics.

What are the absolute best pictures a guy can have on his profile?

The golden rules: no sunglasses, no group pic as your first picture.

No heavy filters, no low quality shots, no pictures with girls (unless he’s gay) and have two or three pictures on your profile, at least.

You’re one of the most matched girls on the app. What are the best pictures a girl can have to get matches?

Closeups of the face are more likely to be swiped right than full body shots.

A mix of the “happy girl from next door” and “hot mysterious lady” does the trick for me.

Should I have a bio?

Yes, but keep it minimalistic. Don’t make it look like you’re trying to hard.

Maybe a cool line, or some hard facts about you.

Good to know.

So, this is my Tinder profile:

…Why is nobody matching me?

It’s the sunglasses, buddy. It’s the sunglasses.

Oh, fair enough. What else would you change about it?

Haha. Well, the quality of your picture is quite low and we can’t see your lovely eyes. Also, you look like a wannabe thug on holidays with that Hawaii print.

Did you ask that policeman to pose for your shot to make it look funny?

Maybe. Anyway, quickfire round: what do you think of guys who have pictures with dogs?


Guys who have pictures with cute babies?

Well, it could mean daddy alert. If it’s not his baby, it’s lovely. But maybe not, just to be safe.

Guys who have loads of group shots so you can’t tell which one they are?


Guys who have shirtless photos on their profile?

If they only want sex, yeah sure, why not

Guys who take selfies?


Good to know.