The most extortionate student rent prices in the UK

Why would you pay £212 a week

A new survey has compiled data on the most extortionate universities for rent prices. Unsurprisingly the data, put together by, showed that London-based unis came out as the most extravagant.

UCL, Imperial, London School of Economics and Queen Mary all top the table with rent costing as much as £212 per week. The unaffordable prices led UCL undergrads to strike, a fact made all the more stinging by often unacceptable quality.

Oxford and Cambridge are the most costly places outside of London, with rent higher than Queen Mary, but their students are only entitled to an outside-London student loan, up to £8,200.

At the other end of the spectrum we have Keele University Campus, Queen’s Belfast and Loughborough . It is cheapest to rent in Queen’s Belfast at a cost of £89.77 per week.

The full rankings, which also include cost rankings for travel, gym membership, cinema tickets, pints and kebabs are below.