Cambridge’s boycott of National Student Survey is successful

The boycott was organised by the NUS in an attempt to obstruct rises in tuition fees

NUS to ban whooping, cheering and clapping

Attendees have to use jazz hands instead

House of Lords blocks Tory proposal to link tuition fee rises to league table ranking

An amendment has defeated the government’s plans

Varsity under fire for the publication of ‘antisemitic rhetoric’ in Jared Kushner profile

They have since issued an apology to JSOC and rebuttal article

NUS Vice President secretly filmed trying to oust President Malia Bouattia

The NUS Official is said to have collaborated with the Israeli embassy to oust her

Now the NUS is making our whole generation look bad

Peter Tatchell. PETER TATCHELL.

Scandalous living costs leave half unable to cough up rent

You can pay £300 a week for a room

They’re on a different planet…This socialist party targeting students proposed support for ISIS

You couldn’t make it up

Are you going to protest against tuition fees next week?

Show The Man who’s really in charge

Blundering NUS won’t demonstrate against £9k fees…because protesters don’t have the right paperwork

Then what are you for?

The NUS doesn’t think Classics is a proper degree subject

Ancient discipline fails to make the NUS’ list of courses – losing out to prestigious disciplines like information studies

Ban Blurred Lines, says NUS

NUS Women’s Officers brand Robin Thicke’s hit song “offensive and dangerous”