Victoria Ibitoye

Stop over-policing minority club nights

It’s not fair

Don’t let the Cavendish chant ruin Week One’s rep

It is unfair for the Cavendish chant to taint all the hard work Week One reps do, says Victoria Ibitoye

Are students unfairly targeted or are we just a bit too naïve?

Nottingham is a great student city, but there’s no doubt it can sometimes exploit its students, says Victoria Ibitoye

University: The best years of our lives? Really?

My biggest qualm with the notion that uni is the best time of our life is the fact that life should get better when we graduate, says Victoria Ibitoye

January exams should be banned

January exams cause needless stress, ruin the holidays and throws students into a guilt-induced state of panic, says Victoria Ibitoye

Why has our generation become so heartless?

Social media is desensitizing our generation, says Victoria Ibitoye