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The Tab's journalism is brought to you by young reporters who like being first. On university campuses, our writers deliver local news you care about. At The Tab HQ, our experienced journalists write about everything from breaking news to politics to pop culture to TikTok trends to the latest entertainment and celeb gossip. Our aim is to deliver sharp, original, and agenda-setting journalism to young people. All our stories are fact checked and sources verified. Further information on our editorial policies and processes can be found here.


TAB TV: Tab writers read mean comments

We sat down with some Tab writers and asked them to read the meanest comments left at the bottom of their articles.

TabTV: EUAFC Varsity Preview

TabTv meets up with EUAFC Captain, Jesse Wilson, to discuss Wednesday’s Varsity game against Exeter City F.C.

The Punt Sessions

James, Tom and Josh return with a cover of McFly’s ‘All About You’.

Be Careful What You Shop For

With high-street brands’ often questionable ethics, YASMIN LAWAL and TabTV combine forces to investigate ways in which we can shop with a sound conscience.

Tab Covers: DURFC Charity Match

Post-match interviews, crowd shots and fireworks. The Tab has it all in our coverage of the DURFC Charity Match.

Durham Does the Lynx Effect

Tired of outrageous advert claims? Well The Tab can confirm that a few blasts of Lynx will indeed attract legions of the fairer sex, just look what happened in Durham.

Durham Cribs: 84 Hallgarth Street

BNOC of the Week: Oliver Gratton

Co-chair of the DULC goes up against the clock as BNOC of the Week returns.

TabTV – We’re Back

TabTV are back with a bang. Watch this space.

Borat pays a visit

Everyone’s favourite cultural missionary Borat pays a visit to Cambridge.