Roya Hegdahl
Roya Hegdahl
Campus Editor, The Tab Columbia

Hamilton evacuated over fake bomb threat

Police told us the threat ‘turned out to be fake’

Columbia is officially the best college in the US for international students

We have students from over 150 countries

Only true Lions will get 100% on this Columbia quiz

Do you even go here?

Title IX protest planned outside Low Steps a week after student sues Columbia for mishandling her rape case

‘No Red Tape is holding a rally in support of Title IX and survivors of gender-based violence’ is coming to Columbia to speak about startups

Who else remembers ‘I Got It From My Mama’

Places to go out near Columbia that aren’t 1020, the Heights or Mel’s

There’s a lot more to the neighborhood then those drinking holes

Freshman Columbia student receives generous tuition refund of 50 cents

‘Don’t spend it all in one place!’

Columbia is one of the top universities on the planet, according to new rankings


Playboy ranked Columbia one of America’s best party schools in the 80s

How did this even happen?

Life after leaving Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox community

‘You don’t know anything. You don’t know any music, you don’t know the language, you don’t know how to dress’

Columbia student Abby Stein explains what it’s like to come out as trans at college

‘I’m really grateful for the Columbia community – I really couldn’t have picked a better place to transition’

Two years on, ‘Mattress Girl’ is still a divisive issue for Columbia students

One in five students claim it has changed the way they date

Columbia just pulled a Steve Harvey and accidentally sent 277 acceptance letters to the wrong applicants

They really screwed up this time

Your unofficial official Columbia University dictionary

Arts and Crafts means something very different for us

Classes cancelled for snow day!

Don’t miss the snowball fight on Low Plaza

Hammered Columbia student rescued after being stuck in air shaft for eight hours

Others have already compared him to John McClane in Die Hard

Now you can play Cards Against Columbia: The game for awful Ivy Leaguers

Does getting CAVA’d count as a PE credit?

The first dating app without fuckboys is finally here and it’s called The League

They have an algorithm that filters out the creeps

Anti-Trump signs have been plastered up around Columbia

‘We won’t build your wall’

Quiz: Can we guess which Columbia undergrad school you’re in?

Or the one you truly belong to

Quiz: How Columbia are you?

This quiz will tell you