Roya Hegdahl
Campus Editor, The Tab Columbia

Columbia is officially the best college in the US for international students

We have students from over 150 countries

Title IX protest planned outside Low Steps a week after student sues Columbia for mishandling her rape case

‘No Red Tape is holding a rally in support of Title IX and survivors of gender-based violence’ is coming to Columbia to speak about startups

Who else remembers ‘I Got It From My Mama’

Places to go out near Columbia that aren’t 1020, the Heights or Mel’s

There’s a lot more to the neighborhood then those drinking holes

Freshman Columbia student receives generous tuition refund of 50 cents

‘Don’t spend it all in one place!’

Life after leaving Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox community

‘You don’t know anything. You don’t know any music, you don’t know the language, you don’t know how to dress’

Columbia student Abby Stein explains what it’s like to come out as trans at college

‘I’m really grateful for the Columbia community – I really couldn’t have picked a better place to transition’

Two years on, ‘Mattress Girl’ is still a divisive issue for Columbia students

One in five students claim it has changed the way they date

Columbia just pulled a Steve Harvey and accidentally sent 277 acceptance letters to the wrong applicants

They really screwed up this time

Classes cancelled for snow day!

Don’t miss the snowball fight on Low Plaza

Anti-Trump signs have been plastered up around Columbia

‘We won’t build your wall’

Tragedy on campus: Three students have died at Columbia in one week

Seven have died this academic year so far

Meet Lauren Swerdloff: Columbia senior, philanthropist and published author

She wrote her book at night after classes in the day

Columbia’s a cappella group SHARP just made a video and it’s incredible

It gave me chills

My mom considered aborting me and I’m still pro-choice

Knowing that I could have been aborted doesn’t bother me

Tributes pour in for GS student Nicole Orttung

She passed away last week

Read the essay that got a high schooler into five Ivies

She got into Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Penn and Princeton

Everything that happened at Columbia’s #OccupyDodge protest

We liveblogged every moment

Milo Yiannopoulos talk at Columbia postponed

Looks like his ‘mattress girl costume’ will have to offend another day

I donated to Planned Parenthood in honor of VP-elect Mike Pence


Columbia students respond to the wrestling team’s texting scandal

‘What the hell is the university going to do to protect us?’

There’s a petition circulating to expel Columbia’s 2017 wrestling team

It already has over 500 signatures

If you want to protest Trump on campus this weekend here’s how

‘This is not a time to be silent’

Over 1000 students flocked to UW’s Red Square for an anti-Trump rally

It was powerful af

We spoke to the Columbia Student protesting the DNC

‘I refuse to believe that everyone who voted for Trump is a racist’

I escaped a North Korean prison camp and now I’m at Columbia

Life after leaving the world’s most oppressive regime

Seattle is actually the music capital of the world

‘It’s like the city is conspiring to make everyone’s lives more musical’

All the things we love to hate about 1020 as told by Yelp reviews

‘It’s like a mediocre mistress who’s heart you don’t have the heart to break’

Everything you know if you’re from Eastern Washington

No, it’s not DC and it’s nothing like Seattle

The best pictures from the 2016 annual Fun Run

Run, Lions, Run!

The best and worst of Columbia on Yelp and TripAdvisor

‘I was forced to stay in this hideous cramped little campus with horrible unethical people’

Rape culture denier Christina Hoff Sommers to speak at Columbia

She says the rape culture movement is a ‘witch hunt’

CU Stickers includes LGBTQA stickers in their newest update

There’s Hillary and sports team options, too

My week eating just Koronet Pizza

It’s called the Koronet cleanse

Milo Yiannopoulos is considering a ‘Mattress Girl’ outfit for Columbia talk

We spoke to him ahead of his event next month

Anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson speaking at Columbia tomorrow

He’s been called ‘the most hated man in Britain’

Clowns have arrived in NYC, but nobody is scared because this is New York

We see clowns everyday in Times Square

Meet Angela Luna, the fashion designer making a collection for Syrian refugees

‘I was really drawn to the crisis and wanted to offer support’

We met during Freshman Orientation at John Jay and now we’re married

A look at romance and student life at Columbia in the early 80s

These photos of the Seahawks tailgate prove we’re the best fans in America

We just took down the Jets 27-17

If you’re a woman voting for Trump, you’re wrong

Donald Trump does not deserve your vote

Why women shouldn’t vote for Trump

Donald Trump does not deserve your vote

There are now Columbia themed iMessage stickers

You didn’t know how much you needed these

The best pics from Columbia’s first game of the season


How I was scammed by Trump University

‘Donald Trump has made it his practice to go after people who are vulnerable’

Why you should actually go to Columbia Football games

There’s so much free stuff

Most Columbia students don’t want Milo Yiannopoulos speaking on campus

58 percent who answered our poll don’t want him to come

Poll: Do you want Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at Columbia?

We want to hear it from you

Milo Yiannopoulos is coming to speak at Columbia this semester

He’s the guy who says ‘feminism is cancer’

Restaurants in Morningside Heights your parents should take you when they visit

Before you start your student budget

Meet Cameron McMahon: Columbia’s tattooed veteran and eco-warrior

‘I’m building a medieval style village with a castle’

When you and your best friend are actually a power couple

It’s really better if your boyfriend is your side bitch

How I was homeless at Columbia

‘I had all my winter clothes in Far Rockaway but I had nowhere to bring them’

Columbia grad Katie Meili is competing in the Rio Olympics tonight

‘I’m just so grateful. So many people took risks on me’

Everything you were afraid to ask about going to Columbia

Honest advice from students and grads

Meet the veterans who think Trump is a terrible choice for President

‘We will protest his words of hate and bigotry until he is done’

The Pokémon Go inspired health regime you’ve been waiting for

Get fit so you can actually ‘catch ’em all’

I voted for Bernie but I’m sick of the Bernie or Bust movement

The revolution has never meant that we should hand the presidency to a prejudiced bigot if we don’t get our way

How to survive living in NYC if you’re from the PNW

Embrace the $1 pizza, Rockaway Beach and the best holiday celebrations in the world

Feminism isn’t a scary term reserved for radical women – it’s a man’s job, too

While some men scorn, sneer at or simply ignore the term, my father wears the badge of ‘Feminist’ proudly

Bellevue, the suburban sanctuary tucked in next to tech titans

Across Lake Washington from Seattle, the new capital of growing capital, lies the suburb I had the privilege to grow up in