Rosie Macfarlane

Exam time weather: Sod’s Law.

The United Kingdom, which in normal circumstances can be depended on for consistently terrible weather- the kind of weather that actively makes you resent going outdoors- suddenly erupts into glorious spring.

But you Shall go to the Olympics

If you don’t have Olympics tickets- what’s your plan of action? Will the fight have been for nothing? On the home track, will you drop the baton? Will I run out of sporting metaphors? Here’s a non-comprehensive list of alternative options to get your sport fix.

My Exams are Harder than Your Exams

Oh, did your tutor ask you to write your 20,000 word dissertation out by hand? Poor you. I’ve had to write mine in my own blood.

Pinter’s Celebration: Not to be Missed

There’s always that party: the one that orders too much wine, sends something back to the kitchen, has a domestic spat in public and talks a bit too loud. Irksome, maybe. But I bet you wanted to listen in on their conversation.


A SNEAK PEAK of CELEBRATION at the Garage Theatre, performed on Thursday 15th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th March

Prepped for Lectures: Stereotype that Pencil Case.

An in-depth psychological analysis of what your pencil case choice says about you. Next time you’re in a lecture, cast an eye down the desk and look into the minds of your fellow students…


You watch Take Me Out. You go to UCL. Put the two together? It happened. With hilarious results. Here’s the round-up of the night…

Are You a Bike Snob?

Cycling is big business. You just have to look at that rack outside the Bloomsbury to know that a heavy percentage of the UCL student body is into pedal power. But with vast numbers of cyclists comes the inevitable class division.

Farewell to Moderation

After polishing off a seemingly impossible quantity of fried batter, there’s the traditional 40 days of self-denial. Let’s ignore the fact that Lent is supposed to be about prayer and penance and focus on what it’s really become: a modern guise to focus on our favourite obsession- ourselves.