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We attempted Zapatista’s Triple Burrito Belly Buster Challenge


Clubbers of the week: Halloween special

As if deadlines weren’t scary enough

Bar-work will ruin your degree

And your liver

Second years develop free app for nights out in Newcastle

It’s called ‘Newcastle Nights’

Someone had to say it: Girls should get more student loan

What do you think?

Bizarre ‘Button Man’ targets Jesmond houses for possible burglary

Have you seen the Button Man?

Singles of the Week: Netball Edition

We know you how you feel about mini skirts

There are no better Halls than Glenamara

We love this shit hole

The bureaucratic students union won’t let us interview their staff

They need to get a grip

They’re classing up The Bigg Market

It’s getting the¬†facelift it needs

We made a uni bucket list and it changed our lives

Because it’s not about getting mortal every night

Riverside: I just don’t get it

She’s not a fan

Stop assessing how much money I deserve based on my parents’ income

Maintenance loans are too small and the grant system is stupid

Faith restored as man returns bag lost on night in the Toon

¬†It’s Amir-icle!

My parents love their cats more than me

They couldn’t care less that I’m allergic

I love living with boys even if they do leave their pubes everywhere

The sack is great craic