Pratiksha Vekaria

Voxpop Editor of The Tab London

Pratiksha Vekaria
London University


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I’m Indian, don’t white-wash my culture by wearing a bindi

If you don’t know the religious and spiritual meaning you shouldn’t be wearing it

Why Croatia should be at the top of your bucket list

It’s not mainstream yet – well, not really

Revealed: The degrees that offer the best value for money

Contact hours play a huge part

Is it OK to get with someone who’s in a relationship?

‘I don’t want that karma’

We asked the older generation why they’re voting to leave the EU

‘The EU is an opaque undemocratic bureaucracy’

Straight white men are banned from lecturers’ equality conference

The event will only be open to women, LGBT members, ethnic minorities and those with disabilities

Horrendously misogynistic memes are still flooding the internet

Who on earth is sharing them?

Does texting count as cheating?

‘It’s an emotional affair’

How much Latin can you remember?

Shame if you did the Oxford Latin course

UCL to take strike action from tomorrow

They’re demanding higher pay

BNOC Group Three Winner Announced

Tamid has bagged a place in the final

UCL department tries to sway students to remain in EU

SELCS sent an email to students asking them to vote In.

UCL accidentally used old Moodle questions for this year’s exam

UCL have attributed the problem to a printing error

UCL to spend £1.25bn constructing Olympic Park campus

They’ve taken out a record £280m loan

How to spot someone from North London

We’re so perfectly bourgeois

What drink is your course?

It won’t matter when you’re drunk

UCL Maths lecturer gets naked for Armani

He just finished his PhD

The struggles of having a name nobody can pronounce

Even my grandparents can’t say it properly

UCL ranked 5th best university in Europe

We’re 4th in the UK

How UCL is celebrating International Women’s Day

The celebrations will go on throughout the whole of March

Palestine flags draped on Portico to mark start of Israel Apartheid Week

Events will take place throughout the week

Meet the UCL rowers ready to get a handle on Varsity victory

It’s their Varsity debut

Check out the volleyball girls ready to knock King’s out

They’re set to serve up some serious competition

The gender pay gap at UCL is 3.4%

The University of London has the second highest pay gap in the UK

Police pitch up at Portico after more sign up for rent strikes

They’re demanding a 40 per cent cut

I went to London Fashion Weekend and it was awesome

There was so much free stuff

The UCL exam timetable will not be published early as planned

It was meant to be released on Monday

Burger King has launched its delivery service

You have to spend £14 or more

I snuck into a Masters level Cosmology lecture at Imperial

It was EASY (no, really)

London would not be complete without the incredible borough of Brent

Nothing compares

We will no longer have to pay for our graduation

We used to pay £35

Oxbridge is a waste of time: UCL should have been your first choice

Hell yeah

UCL’s maddest fresher: Meet Vanessa

She’s waves af

While the North gets snow, we get flood warnings

More rain is expected

The UCL exam timetable will be released early this year

It’s expected on 28th February

Storm Imogen is battering London today

Gusts of 70mph are expected

Sexual assault reports on the Tube treble in the last five years

The crimes ranged from mild to serious

Modern Languages are the hardest degrees at university

Medicine pales in comparison

King’s Cross is the most dangerous Tube station

Surprised it’s not Cally Road

How would you describe UCL in three words?

Nobody said expensive

It’s easy to cope with January deadlines at Christmas

Jesus is coming look busy

A teenager was stabbed in Argyle Square yesterday

He was involved in a street fight

UCLU sport naked calendar went on sale today

Your sexy new year’s resolution

All London public transport will be free all night on New Year’s Eve

You can leave your Oyster card at home

I live with my grandparents at uni and it’s better than your student flat

Yes, I still go out clubbing