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Don’t Stop Movin’: S Club are bringing it all back for Edinburgh’s Freshers’ Week

Whip out your Rachel Stevens t-shirts

A considered ranking of the worst ever couples on Made In Chelsea

Unsurprisingly Spencer features a lot

Here are the best dressed people at Boomtown this year

Putting the ‘boom’ in Boomtown

Anti-terror barriers installed in Edi before the start of the Fringe

The security measures have been put on the Royal Mile

Over ninety sausage dogs gathered together in Edinburgh last week

And all people cared about was Obama

Official: Labour is the most popular party amongst Edinburgh students

*spoiler alert* it’s not UKIP

Man taken to hospital by helicopter from Arthur’s Seat last night

The helicopter mystery finally explained

Clubbers of the Week

For one week only- the hero of the week is a legit superhero

Edinburgh ranks as the third worst uni in Britain for student satisfaction

At least we’ll always have Teviot nachos

Edinburgh have banned flour and eggs….again

Why won’t Edi let us live?

Meet Made in Chelsea’s newest recruit: Edinburgh econ student Ella Wills

She’s the Edi student who swaps Quartermile for Kings Road before you can say “half price Teviot nachos”

Northern Lights to appear over Edi tonight

No need to trek to Norway

Clubbers of the Week

What actually happened to the Zebra at JuJu?

Best Dressed: The Main Library

Fashion week might be over but Edi students are out in full force in the George Sq Libs

What it’s actually like to work at an American summer camp

It’s not exactly like The Parent Trap

Why you should consider a long distance relationship at uni

The cost of train tickets is really worth cutting back on nachos

We talked to the girls behind Edimeme

xoxo Edimeme

Arctic storm to hit Edi this week

Batten down the hatches

Edinburgh has an Echo Falls society and it’s lit

If you have Facebook, an ID (or not) and a smart phone – you’re in

Everything freshers need to know before flat-hunting in Edi

Haha, good luck

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