Phoebe Harding
Editor of The Tab Norwich

What your Browns Bakery choice says about you

Your plain croissant is trash

Jo Swo spotted wearing a sombrero

Isn’t that culturally appropriating?

Get Your Own Back is coming to the LCR

The best thing to ever happen

If you don’t do these things, are you even a UEA sports lad?

Probably got your kit on right now

We spoke to the girl behind UEA Nail Salon

Mani or pedi?? Both

BNOC refused entry to LCR after starting petition to protect bouncers

Obviously the bouncer that didn’t let him in has a bit of an ego problem

Who would you put on UEA’s Christmas tree?

Now that our beloved Bernie has gone

Norwich Market is opening a LASAGNE stall

First champagne and cupcakes, now this

UEA harmed over 7,000 creatures during animal testing last year

1,040 were killed

UEA’s #thisgirlcan night was the best thing ever

UV Badminton should be an Olympic sport

The Coca-Cola truck is coming to Norwich

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming

Prince of Wales is in a Franko Fraize music video

Franko Fraize feat. PoW

UEA grads gave their Partridge pumpkin to Alan Partridge

Doesn’t get much spookier than that

Drunk food is the worst thing about nights out

Screw your kebab

Bob’s Big Quiz is the best part of uni

Where would we be without him?

Busted are hitting the LCR

It’s not even the Year 3000 yet

Cloud Dog has died

She’s gone to a fluffier place

I tried boys’ toiletries for a week and it was awesome

Apart from the lack of conditioner

How to have the perfect LCR Tuesday

Get two VKs – you know you want to

A Syrian refugee at UEA is using JustGiving to crowdfund her PhD

Her goal is £21,3000