Paul Sánchez
Paul Sánchez

"Intellectual work differs from academic work precisely because one does not need to undertake a formal course of study or strive for degrees to live the life of the mind" -bell hooks

TSG Rep. and Philly city government official speak to The Tab about on-campus recovery housing

Joseph George Basile III has proposed a resolution that would offer students a safe on-campus living space away from drugs and alcohol

Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren present a model for political discussion

Last night’s Daily Show episode burst our ideological bubbles

Meet Jewell Jones, the youngest ever Black elected official

Young people are a political force to be reckoned with

Don’t tell me he deserves a chance

We deserve to be listened to

Record numbers of Latinos have voted early in key swing states

2012 records have been shattered

Temple University providing shuttles to polling places on Election Day

Buses will depart from the student center

Check here before you take your Election Day selfie

Before you pull out the selfie stick make sure you’re not breaking any laws

Who’s really lying in the American election?

Someone’s trumped the fact checking system, and Hillary’s paying for it

PA Millennials, don’t forget to look down the ballot

Hillary isn’t the only important Democrat on the ballot this year…

See how low Trump’s support is in your Philadelphia neighborhood

He thinks the election will be rigged

BREAKING: Temple University’s Black Student Union will protest the national anthem at Homecoming

The organization originally posted its announcement on Twitter

Hillary Clinton’s Philly speech shows young people do care about politics

‘If you believe diversity is America’s strength, not America’s burden, join us’

Meet the Alt-Right, the meme-obsessed movement rooting for Trump

They’re huge on 4chan

Obama is a hero to me – we lost our fathers at the same age

Watching him speak in Philly was inspirational

Obama wows Philly crowd with ringing endorsement of Hillary

‘If you’re serious about our democracy, then you gotta be with her’

Devil’s advocates are the worst people this election

But like, just to play devil’s advocate for a second here…