Oscar Donovan

5 books every student should read…

1. Fifty Shades of Grey
2. Katie Price: Love, Lipstick & Lies
3. The Tab Top 5 Top 5’s 2014 Anthology

Lol jk LOL JK, they’re all quite serious (and good). Have a gander:

The 5 new shows you need to watch this year

Got a gap in your televisual schedule? Take a look at these new kids on the block….

Cult Culture: Top 5 Whippersnappers

We’ve gone and rounded up a bunch of young’uns more wildly successful than any of us will ever be

5 Embarrassing Video Games You Played As A Kid

In light of the impending battle of the consoles, Emily Sun takes a look at some of the most cringe-worthy games that you’ll vehemently deny you’ve ever played (but definitely have)…

Review: “Mind the Gags” at The Bloomsbury Theatre

The Tab found UCLU Comedy Club’s show overlong, but with a few bright moments

Cult Culture: 5 Alcoholic World Records

In honour of the recent load of students showing off their shot-shooting prowess on Youtube, Emily Sun has discovered some of the most extreme alcoholic world records…

Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Aaron Lapkin loved Simon Stephens stage adaptation of Mark Haddon’s extraordinary childhood classic

First Night Review – Stewart Lee: Much-A-Stew About Nothing

Ed Whitfield checks out meta-comedian Stewart Lee’s new show in Leicester Square, a pin-sharp commentary on life’s essential detritus…

Second year… Second book published

Most of us are daunted by the idea of having to write a few essays a term, but UCL Law student and wordsmith Jerrold Yam has already gone and got two collections of his poetry published…

Small but perfectly formed: the wonders of Y Not? festival

The Horrors, The Cribs and Mystery Jets headlined a sodden but sensational Y Not? festival. Now that she’s dried off, Robyn Strachan can report back…

Spending far too much time down the pub: meet The Enemy’s Andy Hopkins

Since the acerbic sound of ‘Away From Here’ hit UK airwaves, The Enemy have continued to produce their particular brand of emotive, acid-tongued rock and roll. We talked to their bassist, Andy Hopkins…

Arcadia @ UCL Quad

For the next three days, the Quad will become the stage for the UCLU Drama Society’s “laugh your arse off” adaptation of Tom Stoppard’s comedy-drama Arcadia.

Interview: Nia

The Tab chats with a bluesy SOAS girl preparing for a big 2013.

So you want to go on a gap year, yah?

A few down to earth tips on wandering the Earth

Interview: Ani Petite

A cuppa in Cilantro with one of UCL’s most promising talents…

Death: A Self Portrait

Arm yourself with a strokeable beard and a turtle neck, then prepare to face your destiny at the Wellcome Collection…

Interview: Dingus Khan

Oscar Donovan chats to Dingus Khan about unorthodox bedroom methods, bin diving and London’s cheapest chicken.

Survival of the Skint-est

The student loan comes in, the student loan goes out. But even when money gets tight, London still has plenty to offer.